Bosch, semiconductors set the pace in modern technology

STUTTGART (GERMANY) (ITALPRESS) – The highly miniaturized components are the glue that holds together today’s technological world. The most powerful semiconductors are the heart of all electronic systems. Automotive sensors: technologies for detecting the surrounding environment under all traffic conditions. In autonomous and assisted driving, the vehicle must at all times know what is happening around it, it must be able to reliably detect objects and persons and act accordingly. Reliable detection of the surrounding environment is therefore crucial. For this, Bosch uses a combination of a multifunctional camera and front and angle radar sensors installed in front and on the side of the vehicle. The front radar sensor detects objects in front of the vehicle and determines their speed and position relative to it. If there is a risk of collision, it warns the driver. If the latter is not ready to respond, the system automatically activates an emergency braking maneuver. The Bosch multifunction device is a front-facing camera that combines traditional image processing algorithms with artificial intelligence (AI) methods. Using AI, the camera understands and interprets what it sees, ensuring reliable recognition of objects and good detection of the surroundings. In addition to camera, radar and ultrasonic sensor solutions, Bosch is also developing a long-range LiDAR. The more complex the driving activity, the more important it is that these solutions interact correctly. With its pre-integrated system solutions, Bosch helps startups and automakers bring electric cars to market faster than ever before. By reducing the complexity of developing and designing electric vehicles, the company helps automakers operate more efficiently. At the heart of Bosch’s pre-integrated system solutions is the advanced drive module, ADM, which integrates the individual drive, steering and braking systems into a single harmonized and flexible module. Simplified interfaces and a uniform software architecture reduce complexity and ensure optimized communication between components. This modular approach, which combines hardware, software and services, allows manufacturers to integrate the ADM according to their needs. The prototype of the rolling chassis, created thanks to the collaboration with Benteler, which specializes in the production of chassis and bodies, demonstrates the highest possible level of pre-integration and represents a development platform for electric battery vehicles. With its integrated control and safety technology, the new flexible smart charging cable works even without the built-in control box with 230 V socket. Without the so-called ‘charging block’, the Bosch cable weighs less than 3 kg. On average, this corresponds to a weight reduction of 40% compared to conventional cables with control box. It comes with type 2 plug adapters and household plugs, so drivers who are free to choose whether to charge from an electrical outlet at home or from a charging station on the road no longer need an extra cable. The three-phase cable allows for mode 2 and mode 3 with AC charging up to 22kW, while the technology built into each connector makes the charging process safe and reliable. The Type 2 connector to be connected to the vehicle contains the components for controlling and monitoring the charging power. At the other end of the cable, the household plug with adapter accommodates the temperature control and the residual current device. Bosch also offers home charging stations for charging electric cars at home. Bosch flies Industry 4.0 with special robots that use permanent magnetic levitation, a new technology developed by Bosch scientists. Robots are much more versatile and adaptable than a conveyor belt and allow the transport, positioning and contactless maneuvering of components and objects of any kind. They offer potential for a wide range of industries and applications, such as the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries as well as the food industry, where special hygiene and purity standards apply. But they are also a great help for assembly and production, as they speed up the tasks and combine flexibility in material flow and positioning accuracy. The Bosch planing robot consists of two components, each of which is equipped with permanent magnets: a sled, which is the transport base, and a stator, which is the surface on which the mover can slide. The magnet in the stator generates a strong magnetic levitation field for the sled, which silently rises about 2 centimeters above it. Thanks to the precise adjustment of the magnets, it is possible to control the position of the slider in all directions. GSR and GSB 18V-150 C Professional Biturbo power tools are the most powerful cordless 18 V drills. They are particularly suitable for wooden frames and for the construction of rafters or facades in the construction industry. In other words, for all applications that require large diameter screws or cutters. They offer a modern user interface and connectivity features to make personal settings from your smartphone. Their unique highlight is the EAD function for electronic angle detection, a world first for commercial 18V drills / screwdrivers GSR and GSB 18V-150 C Professional power tools also offer a high degree of user protection, thanks to KickBack Control: in case of sudden and unexpected rotation of the screwdriver around the screw axis (eg if the tip gets stuck in a pull button), the integrated sensor switches off the motor in a fraction of a second, which prevents unexpected kickback of the tool and thus reduces the risk of injury. The Quigo Green level projects a precise laser cross on the wall. It uses green light laser diodes that generate a beam up to four times more visible to the human eye than red light. It is the first Bosch measuring device with body and accessories made from 90% recycled plastic. The packaging is also organic, with 70% recycled paper waterproof with organic water-based material, without more plastic film inside. Bosch has also optimized the package size and reduced it to a minimum to increase the number of tools that can be transported per. read. Finally, thanks to the optimized electronics, the new Quigo Green uses only half the energy of the previous model. All of these features help save resources. Cookit adds a new dimension of flexibility to the kitchen. Whether it is recipe guides, automatic programs or manual recipes, this food processor with cooking function offers the right level of support. Now it’s even more flexible thanks to the new “My Recipe” feature, which allows Cookit to save personal recipes. The recipe with all ingredients, quantities, temperatures and special suggestions is entered in the Home Connect app, which then forwards it to Cookit. The food processor with cooking function then guides the user through the various cooking steps according to the instructions. From the beginning of May, it will be possible to use the Home Connect app to share your personal Cookit recipes and access many recipes shared by the community. For more inspiration, users can also add a picture of the dish. SmartGrow Life is the innovative, compact indoor gardening for growing aromatic herbs, vegetables and even tomatoes at home. Thanks to the patented lighting and irrigation technology, users can grow aromatic plants all year round. In addition, SmartGrow Life is a beautiful accessory that enriches any kitchen worktop or table and can even be wall mounted. In accordance with the principles of sustainability, all materials used for this appliance, accessories and packaging can be recycled, reused or recycled. Squats, sit-ups, kettlebell workouts – the list of exercises goes on and on. However, many fitness trackers and smartwatches can only track a limited number of exercises. Furthermore, the many different tools as well as the different movement styles, physics and athletic training levels mean that these devices may not always be able to recognize with certainty the type of training being performed. To solve this problem, Bosch Sensortec has developed the BHI260AP – a programmable motion sensor with self-learning functions for portable and audible devices. The sensor automatically detects and counts different types of movements, easily adapts to the user’s style by operating in the background and can independently learn each new recurring physical activity in seconds. In addition to the self-learning function, the sensor also contains integrated functions such as swimming analysis and position and orientation monitoring. Photo: Bosch Italy Press Office (ITALPRESS). tvi / com 12-Jul-22 16:25

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