The whales confirm the school’s euthanasia

Some steadfast optimists have convinced themselves that it is not necessary to form a social bloc that transforms legitimate malaise into revolutionary ferment: it would be enough to wait for capitalism to commit suicide because of its unstoppable pathologies, combined with inequalities , which are so deep that they become no longer bearable and from the hectic and self-destructive execution of the urge for accumulation and greed.

To make them happy, it could also be added, in support of their thesis, that the establishment now consists of puppets and villains who, according to unspecified criteria that can be referred to the laws of obedience, base their careers on mistakes, inability to judge. , distant distance from the reality driven by hubris and hubris, given to them by humans who now possess an instinct that is even more self-destructive than that which animates the system.

We have to agree with them, the oligarchy takes them all wrong, in order to survive it is forced to constantly create emergencies in emergencies that they can not control, false myths that they do not know how to use, death tools and oppression that could backfire on them if only we wanted to.

For a month – I will give trivial examples – the coup leader at the head of the government demanded the symbolic sacrifice to burst into the heat as proof of a moral commitment aimed at renouncing primary goods in the form of punishment by the common enemy. So today, the use of the air conditioner has been enriched by the antagonistic nature of a referendum against Draghi.

We could also think of the precise selective and penal intent of Invalsi, which confirms an idea of ​​a school based on “standardized tests and measurements“And it strives for educational success.

Today, we have learned that the only quality of Invalsis is to help with a diagnosis of failure of his perverse intentions: for at least two years, Invalsis, thanks to the verification of effectiveness, has demonstrated the extent of entrepreneurial risk by establishing the system of education on marketing criteria, to substantiate its failure.

And in fact, do you remember when Covid was supposed to be a difficult challenge, but also an opportunity to test the possibilities of digitalization, to accustom future generations to using IT and technological tools and opportunities to enrich themselves as beneficial human capital for the whole society?

We now know that the tests performed indicate that there are no clear differences from the pre-pandemic era. If learning decline in some subjects has been stopped, students below the basic level of mathematics reach 70 percent in Campania, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia and those with disadvantaged family backgrounds. And if the primary school seems to be back on track, middle and high schools confirm the difference in learning due to the gap that Covid has caused and the poor teaching quality after the last few years: in the top fifth, 52% of students have reached at least the level appropriate in Italian.

This means that the remaining 48% of the boys did not reach it. We are at the same level as in 2021 (52% with a sufficient level), but compared to 2019 (in 2020, the Invalsi tests were not performed due to the health emergency) we were at 64%. Still in the same regions in the south, 60% of the boys in the test do not reach B2 reading (B2 level in English) and 80% in it of listens (listening techniques), which confirms the strong educational inequalities in the southern regions, both in terms of the school’s different ability to mitigate the effects of socio-economic-cultural differences and in terms of differences between schools and, above all, between classes.

Who knows now, from what territorial and family context the official who is probably at the top of the rankings comes from reading And listens of the department of the education system for education and training, which in a service note places Piacenza in Lombardy, or from which area of ​​the south also neglected by Christ, during Eboli, the auditors come from our banks branches, who when they Try not to put titles on us toxic , they are reduced to idleness if there is a suspension of the network or electricity because, in the light of other fates, they have neglected the multiplication tables in favor of marketing techniques.

We can trace it back to 2008, after the start of the great cycle of privatizations that swept the Italian public economy between 1993 and 1999, thanks to the foreign pressure exerted by the hyperliberal rules of the European Economic and Monetary Union born of Maastricht in 1992., and from large finances eager to seize the most productive and profitable pieces of our national industry cheaply, by cutting over 8 billion from the education budget, the definitive demolition of the traditional education and learning system.

The privatization of public assets has inevitably produced the school – formally public, but managed according to corporate criteria that pursue the only logic of profit logic, eliminating any remnants of community and spirit of solidarity and for this reason the place where citizens with knowledge thanks to develop a critical spirit, is the one most affected by the counter-reform, which did not accidentally lead to the signing of the progressive front attributable to the parties of the former left.

We owe it to them, after surrendering themselves disarmed to neoliberalism, to the choice of a “moral” obligation aimed at annulling “the “disinterested” and “formative” school ” according to Gramsci, or leave only a reduced example for a small elite of privileged people, who have translated into educational and cultural addresses, into devices, norms and rules aimed at breaking with a historical tradition now considered obsolete, archaic and does not respond to archetypes of unstoppable capitalism, which transforms values, principles, aspirations and people into goods, and which for this reason must start from the cradle and from the counters, cause knowledge and culture to step back into apprenticeships into servile, repetitive , alienating work.

This was the purpose of the indications from Brussels, which were immediately adopted by our Ministry, to introduce forms of “entrepreneurship education“(Sic) and”entrepreneurial risk”, To indoctrinate small tables and prepare them for the challenges of the war for competitiveness.

The paradox consists in the awareness that we are in the hands of groups of incompetent and destructive personalities who do not know how to carry out even their toxic intentions: they have destroyed a legacy, one among others, to make it a business among others who do not, he is able to overthrow the desired products, armies of workers equipped with miserable basic notions that are useful to set up their pyramids, but who take their calculations, measurements, distances incorrectly. The only hope is that the pharaohs will be overwhelmed by the destructive waste they have created.

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