The use of food and beverage vending machines: an example of regulation

There are many schools that have chosen to use vending machines for drinks and snacks on their premises. Regardless of the historical period that requires greater compliance with hygiene and cleanliness rules (Anti-Covid in the specific case), it is binding on the educational institutions through school partners to ensure certain obligations


  • the daily cleaning and periodic efficient cleaning of the vending machine, possibly also after discussion with the company;
  • monitoring students with proper use of the vending machine;
  • regular and careful cleaning of surfaces and objects for general use;
  • to monitor access to school buildings for suppliers and other non-school subjects, to complete the register and to sign the required self-certification declarations;
  • students’ supervision of these statutes;
  • check of the health protocol performed on the topic of covid emergencies, if ever necessary again at the beginning of the school year 2022-23.

The managerial power of the headmaster

The ordinance, if prepared and implemented for the following school year, is valid for the school year 2022/2023 and may at any time be amended by the school head in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08 as well as management powers under Legislative Decree 165/01 and subsequent amendments, as well as by The school council also follows proposals from the individual school members, subject to information and sharing with the entire school community. However, the regulation provides a service offer to staff, as well as a code of conduct for students with consequences, for students, on intermediate and final evaluation of behavior by disciplinary sanctions.

The distributors at the inclusive institute’s schools

The institute, as specified in the regulations of the “Antonio Pagano” Comprehensive Institute of Nicotera (VV), signs a contract with the distribution companies following a tender, national nutrition indications (Guidelines for a healthy diet – INRAN 2003) and international (WHO) 2003) and the criteria for environmental and social sustainability (PAN GPP, DL 264/2013)

Purpose of placement of vending machines

The vending machines with drinks and food are a service offered by the school, available to all members of the school community. The distributors are located in schools for improvised use and not to replace the good practice of bringing snacks from home. In accordance with the guidelines on prevention and health promotion through vending machines, the institute must encourage the choice of healthy foods.

Education and training principles adopted by the department

The institute takes the following principles as its own:

  • Strengthen students’ ability to act positively and support responsible choices
  • Promoting climate and positive relationships
  • Improve structural and environmental conditions.

The principles of healthy eating

To remember the principles of healthy eating, appropriate information messages and posters will be posted at the distributors, such as a health pyramid.

The principles of healthy eating

To regulate students’ access to and use of distributors, we read in the specific regulations prepared by the “Antonio Pagano” Comprehensive Institute of Nicotera (VV), managed with high and unique leadership skills by the school principal Prof. Giuseppe Sangeniti, some clear and mandatory rules should be laid down:

  • All school children are prohibited from using hot drinks vending machines
  • High school students are allowed to use cold drinks and vending machines
  • Students’ use of vending machines is only allowed during leisure activities. Students (one per class) can use the distributors during the short (maximum 5 minutes) excursions approved by the teacher.
  • It is strictly forbidden to stand near the distributors during the time change and / or when moving classes to laboratories, gyms, etc.
  • It is not permitted to stay near the vending machine beyond the time strictly necessary for consumption and to create situations of confusion and disorder that make an orderly and calm execution of educational activities impossible.
  • Consumption must be made with special regard to non-dirt and disposal of the waste materials in the special containers located near the machine.
  • It is strictly forbidden to tamper with or otherwise use the vending machine incorrectly to preserve its functionality and safety during use.
  • Violations can be reported to the DS, or his / her deputy, by teachers and / or school partners responsible for supervision and will result in the application of a disciplinary measure against the offender (warning written in the class book with immediate communication to the families), relevant for assessing the behavior .
  • Violation of the regulations means that the student is obliged to pay compensation for the damage caused.
  • The use of vending machines is prohibited during teaching hours.

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