The “House of Smiles” program in bari started by the cesvi fund and the giovanni paolo ii fund



Bari, July 8, 2022. Start of the activities The house of smiles realized from CESVI Funds in cooperation with John Paul II Foundation onlusIn the context of Program Intesa Sanpaolo formula.

There The house of smiles will be a space where welcome the vulnerable families in the neighborhood. The CESVI Foundation’s worldwide Case del Sorriso offers programs dedicated to children and people in fragile relationships, where the needs and conditions of poverty increasingly represent an endemic problem that needs to be addressed in an integrated and long-term way. In the San Paolo district of Bari, CESVI works with the Giovanni Paolo II non-profit fund.

Thanks to the project, they have been created the interiors of the Casa del Sorriso. The objective is create one multifunctional space to carry out sports and leisure activities, organize psychological support, listening and orientation activities and arrange workshops and leisure activities for minors so that they can strengthen their self-esteem by developing and improving their skills. Especially by improving sport as a means of social inclusion and the restoration of the suburbswithin the multifunctional space, children will have the opportunity to go psychomotor pathways and start sports activities, an opportunity not taken for granted for those living in this context.

The project was funded through an active fundraiser from July to September 2021 For Funding, Intesa Sanpaolo’s crowdfunding platform dedicated to environmental sustainability, social inclusion and access to the labor market for people in difficulty. In three months, 130,000 euros were raised thanks to contributions from individuals, companies, the bank and the companies of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

To start the program, they met Rosanna Spizzico And Horace Nobile, respectively Project manager and director of the Johannes Paul II Foundation onlus, il Dr. Gaetano IovinoDirector of the Bari City Retail Area of ​​Intesa Sanpaolo, Lylen AlbaniArea Manager Italy of the CESVI Foundation, Francesca BottalicoWelfare Councilor (personal benefits, social inclusion and the fight against poverty, reception and integration), Nicola SchingaroChairman of Municipality 3, parents and teachers involved in the project.

For years, CESVI has increased its commitment to the benefit of minors in difficulty in our country, and brought consolidated experience to the rest of the world here as well. Through the Case del Sorriso program, we want to help combat and combat abuse and neglect, to protect, combat early school leaving, and to encourage children in vulnerable situations to achieve their ambitions. We are very happy to start the activities here in Bari, also possible thanks to the combination of non-profit and profit to bring concrete solutions in complex peripheral contexts, points out Roberto Vignola, Deputy Director General of the CESVI Foundation.

Rosanna Spizzico, project manager for the John Paul II Foundation onlusdescribes the procedure as “an activity that is fully in line with national policies in the fight against educational and economic poverty. Casa del Sorriso will be a place where you feel welcome, listened to and supported in the difficult task of the parents, especially in particularly vulnerable situations. “

Horace Nobile, director of the John Paul II Foundation onlus emphasizes that “The construction of a new garrison in support of families, boys and girls is undoubtedly a great opportunity for the San Paolo district. As for all the activities of the Foundation, we will work in a network with public institutions and in particular schools and all private social units, as we are convinced that it is the duty of the whole community to help families.. “

“Through the project Case del Sorriso of Bari, we make it possible to create a space where the most vulnerable children in the San Paolo district can perform sports and leisure activities, and provide them with valid psychological support, listening and orientation, in short, a concrete way to be close to families in. conditions. for fragility – explains Alberto Pedroli, Regional Director of Basilicata, Puglia and Molise of Intesa St. Paul – With the Formula program, which supports projects dedicated to children, young people, families and the elderly in difficult situations, Intesa Sanpaolo reaffirms its calling as a bank that is sensitive to social issues and the special conditions of the territories in which it operates. Also at the local level, we express our role as a leader in inclusion and sustainability initiatives“.

L ‘Councilor for Welfare in Bari Municipality, Francesca Bottalicodeclares: “We are proud and happy to collaborate on the launch of the new Casa del Sorriso in Bari, an important garrison that in a suburb like the San Paolo district will work closely with the Casa delle neparitoriality and the family centers in a historic moment in where requests for support for parents, childhood and adolescents are clearly growing“.

That Chairman of Municipality 3, Nicola Schingaro declares: “I think it’s very important to be able to count on an extra space ready to accommodate vulnerable families in the San Paolo district. Thinking that a “House of Smiles” will take care of the most fragile girls and boys and offer them a multifunctional space where they can play, study and play sports, conveys the strong message that these small residents of the neighborhood will be able to live important experiences of serenity and social inclusion. And I am very happy about this and for the results that have been achieved so far.

One FORMULA, many projects

Formula is the program launched in April 2021 by Intesa Sanpaolo, available from the fundraising platform For financingto promote initiatives throughout Italian territory dedicated to environmental sustainability, social inclusion and access to the labor market for people in difficulty.

Intesa Sanpaolo contributes directly to crowdfunding, as well as the various group company. Crowdfunding is so open to all citizens and companies, bank customers and non-bank customers, who can donate online from, where the real-time update of the amounts collected and the reporting of the projects already completed are visible. .

The selection of the active territorial initiatives in the Formula section of For Funding is seen as involvement of Regional directorates by the bank, assisted by CESVI Funds, a high-profile independent humanitarian organization. CESVI supports Intesa Sanpaolo in identifying the best projects and monitoring the results and the generated effect in a safe and transparent way. The program is continuously renewed with a range of green, social and job theme projects activated throughout Italy and designed to support children, young people, families and the elderly in fragile relationships.

In 2021, donations reached a record number 11 million eurosplaces For Funding in first place in our country among “donation and reward” platforms.

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Cesvi Fund is an independent humanitarian organization, founded in Bergamo in 1985. Cesvi operates in Italy and in 22 other countries around the world and carries out long-term projects to guarantee food security, promote sustainable development and combat the effects of climate change. Cesvi protects the most vulnerable children through Case del Sorriso, and in Italy they are committed to preventing and contrasting child abuse and the integration of unaccompanied foreign minors.

There John Paul II Foundation onlus has been operating in Bari metropolitan area for over 25 years in some of the most populous suburbs of the city. Since its inception, the foundation has carried out social projects for the benefit of vulnerable children, young people and families.

Intesa Sanpaolo

Intesa Sanpaolo is the largest banking group in Italy – a reference point for families, companies and the real economy – with a significant international presence. Intesa Sanpaolo’s distinctive business model makes it a European leader in asset management, protection and advisory, and characterizes its strong digital and fintech orientation. An efficient and robust bank, it is the parent company of product factories in asset management and insurance. The strong commitment in the field of ESG will provide EUR 115 billion in power loans in 2025, intended for society and the green transition, and a contribution of EUR 500 million to support people in difficulty, which puts Intesa Sanpaolo at the top of the world. of social influence. Intesa Sanpaolo has made Net Zero commitments for its issues by 2030 and by 2050 for its loan and investment portfolios, asset management and insurance business. She is a staunch supporter of Italian culture and has developed a museum network, the Gallerie d’Italia, an exhibition space for the bank’s artistic heritage and artistic projects of recognized value.

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