The first edition of the summer school in European and international studies will be launched tomorrow

Doebbing Palace, in Sutri

The first edition of the summer school in European and international studies starts tomorrow in the prestigious setting offered by the Museum of Palazzo Doebbing, a unique venue with Villa Savorelli for the courses scheduled for July 15, thanks to a protocol already signed with the municipality of Sutri.

“The summer school of European and international studies at these magnificent historical sites in Sutri Municipality represents the will of the two institutions to work for a path to growth and culture that started with the initials of the common protocol,” says Rector Stefano Ubertini. “With this event and the signing of the double degree with the University of the Côte d’Azur, we also want to share our international educational offerings with Sutri, which aims to bring hundreds of students from all over the world to the area. The in-depth study of issues related to Europe – continued Rector – and the memory of the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli gives food for thought and a sense of belonging to a society that experiences delicate moments marked by sad war scenarios ”.

The summer school led by Sante Cruciani, Unitus Professor of History of International Relations, was born out of the synergy between the Department of Linguistic-Literary, Historical-Philosophical and Legal Studies (DISTU) and the Department of Economics, Technology, Society and Business (DEIM) for the degree courses in “Political sciences and international relations” (L-36) and master’s programs in “Political sciences, international security, public communication” (LM-62) at the University of Tuscia, precisely within the framework of the internationalization project, where the University of Viterbo offers its students a double degree in the near future in collaboration with the Université Côte d’Azur and the Center de la Méditerranée Moderne et Contemporaine (CMMC), thanks to the Study Center European and International (CSEI), at the “Missione Europa” point and at the public history laboratory at the University of Viterbo.

Monday, July 11, following the institutional greetings of Rector Ubertini, Department Directors Tiziana Laureti (DEIM) and Saverio Ricci (DISTU), Education Chairs Michele Negri (L36) and Giacomo Branca (LM62) and Maurizio Ridolfi, President of CSEI will French colleagues Jean-Paul Pellegrinetti and Jean-Pierre Darnis begin with the lectio magistralis of Antonio Varsori, President of Historians of the European Union, entitled The Geopolitical Revolution of 1989 and the Maastricht Treaty. What a Europe after the Cold War, which is followed by an extraordinary visit to the museum for the summer school participants.

On Tuesday 12 July, on the other hand, the opening day for the working groups will be dedicated to students, PhD students and PhDs. The lessons will be inaugurated by the workshop Italy, France and the Euro-Mediterranean from the end of the nineteenth century to the great war, led by Maurizio Ridolfi. After the Euro-Mediterranean space from the Paris Conference to World War II, coordinated by Simone Duranti.

The day on Wednesday 13 July begins with Giovanna Tosatti, who will moderate the panel Gender Issues, Youth Movements, Cultural Representations between Europe and the Mediterranean, while in the afternoon the themes related to Italy, France and the Euro-Mediterranean from the Cold War to the Maastricht Treaty will be addressed. , with the working group led by Elena Calandri.

The workshops end on Thursday 14 July with Raffaello Ares Doro, who will follow the media dynamics and public discourse on Europe and the Mediterranean. The afternoon, on the other hand, will be dedicated to a concluding round of reflections Thirty years after the Maastricht Treaty: the EU, the pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine.

With a view to cultural improvement of the area, the week ends with educational activities then with public history initiatives open to the public, scheduled for 12 and 13 July. Deputy Mayor Lillo Di Mauro will welcome scholars and citizens of Sutri, followed by the presentation of the volume by Antonio Varsori (From Rebirth to Decay. The International History of the Republican Italy, Il Mulino 2022), who will discuss it with colleagues Maurizio Ridolfi (Unitus ). ) and Daniele Pasquinucci (University of Siena) on Tuesday at 21 in Palazzo Doebbing’s gardens. On Wednesday, however, a double appointment: at. 15 in Villa Savorelli a lesson by Hon. Vittorio Sgarbi on the image of Europe and the Mediterranean in modern and contemporary art, while in the evening at. 21 in the gardens of Palazzo Doebbing will be the presentation of the book The Presidents of the Republic and the International Role of Italy (FrancoAngeli2022) where along with the authors will be Jean Pierre Darnis, Université Côte d’Azur and Giovanni Orsina, from Luiss University of Rome.

July 15, the last day of summer school, will be entirely dedicated to an event commemorating EP President David Sassoli, particularly associated with the Tuscia area.

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