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The furniture world is taking gigantic steps thanks to technological innovations; if, on the one hand, we see ourselves observing more and more aesthetically refined houses, on the other hand, we also find more avant-garde solutions that also aim at the green aspect. In recent years, it is above all the lighting that has made a difference: From the classic bulb we were used to, we began to discover the LED sector, which stands out for its managerial, economical and reduced consumption benefits. Are you looking for design solutions that are aesthetically influential but also functional to illuminate your home? The best solution is modern ceiling lamps.

To confirm this trend, a true lighting expert, Mazzola Lucewhich explains how modern ceiling lamps has become a versatile evergreen to illuminate not only bathrooms but also living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and children’s rooms, without excluding offices. Safe, easy to keep clean and beautiful to see, they are for sale on their e-shop from under 100 euros.

Why choose modern ceiling lamps for your home?

Are you in doubt about what type of lighting you need for your home? You need to know that modern ceiling lamps they are one of the most advantageous choices. Those who are renovating their home, have recently purchased or just want to renovate a room, can not help but ignore the lighting component.

The ceiling lamp is an excellent choice because it is less complicated and easier to clean, but also because it is easier to install; even those who are not electricians can independently arrange to place it without effort. Among the features that favor this purchase is versatility: you can install modern ceiling lamps in any type of room, as long as you carefully choose the style and shades. In short, take into account the environment and the furniture, but also play with the contrasts that are very trendy.

On the Mazzola Luces website, lighting experts since 1970, you can find almost 500 different ceiling lamps and if you do not find the right lamp for you in this category, you can take a look at the LED section or other interior lighting suggestions.

The main reason they are chosen is that they perform their lighting function and take up very little space; with a small footprint compared to a hanging lamp, they have nothing to envy in terms of aesthetics.

Especially in smaller or highly furnished homes, it is a winning choice to find an effective, but not overly flashy solution. Thanks to this purchase you will be able to get the most out of the rooms and the environment will be much more orderly.

The difference between modern ceiling or wall lamp

You need to know that not all ceiling lights are the same; we are talking about ceiling or wall models to distinguish between some subcategories. Their difference, as the name suggests, is the type of positioning. Those on the wall are applied to the walls, as are the applications; the latter, on the other hand, are installed in the ceiling like traditional chandeliers.

Designer lighting for any room in the house

Let’s start with a great classic; for years, ceiling lamps have been used in bathrooms and are still a winning choice today. The rooms, often smaller and more compact, can thus receive the necessary light. Especially with LEDs to save energy and achieve the right light intensity, these models are able to counteract moisture and remain perfect for years. Then it is really easy to clean them. That modern ceiling lamps for the bathroom they are minimal and have clean lines to facilitate all maintenance operations.

But what if we told you that they are now also trendy in the bedroom? We may be disturbing you, but even during the last Salone del Mobile, we witnessed this trend. Choosing diffused light and LED models seems to be a winning choice; modern ceiling lamps are not only suitable for the sleeping area, but also for walk-in closets. In this case, there are also many special designs that play with different styles, to be able to match any type of furniture perfectly.

And in the living room? As we have mentioned, ceiling lamps are no longer just the lighting for corridors, hallways and bathrooms, but real design elements to be used in the main rooms. A winning option is to use them in bedrooms, as we have mentioned, but also in your living room they can have their charm. Carefully selected from an aesthetic point of view and placed correctly, they illuminate the entire room.

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