the best racing games from Assetto Corsa to Gran Turismo

Here are the best car games, in racing game jargon, that you can explore on all available platforms – arcade and simulations included.

Gran Turismo 7 brought the iconic Polyphony Digital series back to life and sent it to the PS5 for the first time. Exponent for car gameor in technical jargon racing games, since the genre’s inception, it’s one of the most nostalgic PlayStation productions and loved by fans, but it’s certainly not the only one in a sector full of both arcade and simulation options. In this article, we will explore the best car games in their entirety, regardless of their “extract”.

Car games to try –

There are dozens of racing games, and thanks to technological improvements in recent decades, they have all brought some adjustments to the genre. Series like Forza Motorsport and Assetto Corsa have become references for car enthusiasts, while seemingly smaller titles like Hot Wheels Unleashed and Circuit Superstars have brought other gaming fans closer to the genre with their delightful looks. Here’s a look at what you really should not miss.

Forza Motorsport 7 –

Forza is becoming a rather crowded brand lately, when you also consider the latest release of Forza Horizon 5. Horizon is lighter and more open world, and therefore we preferred the inclusion of the latest Motorsport – a more rigorous simulation of this list. , with a new chapter on the way in the closed offices of Turn 10 Studios.

Forza Motorsport 7 is a circuit with a particular focus on adjusting setups, remembering brake points and competing online – where you understand that learning the brake points really didn’t matter, because DarkLordButters89 pushed you off the track in turn 1. It remains a balanced track race, with many adjustments to accessibility and hidden depth.

9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe –

There are many more realistic car games than Mario Kart 8. Just be pushed off a path made of rainbows by a giant anthropomorphized sphere to understand. But have you ever played such a perfect racing game?

Mario Kart 8 for Switch is the epitome of Nintendo Difference: there’s a spark of it in every fun shortcut and turbo, in the dreamy waves of Dolce Dolce Canyon and down the many streets of Mount Wario. There are even some in the blue shells that throw you off the road at the last corner. Only this game, of all car games, can cheat you just a few meters from the finish line without getting furious and permanently uninstalled.

8. Assetto Corsa Competition –

There are driving games and then there are driving simulations. If you are unsure of what you are playing, count how many times you leave the court in the first place. If it’s more than 300you are probably playing the Assetto Corsa Competizione.

car game

By using the official Blancpain Endurance Series license, ACC will in no way make your life easy, unlike other car games out there. Everything has been modeled in this simulation: brake temperatures, tire temperatures, track temperatures – if you can measure it with a thermometer, this game will push you to stick to it and adjust your driving accordingly. The reward, however, is both unique and generous – no game will make you feel like a pro to warm up your brakes and successfully pass the first turn on a rainy morning at Silverstone.

7. Circuit Superstars –

Isometric view? And why on earth is it more 90s than Mom, I missed the plane 2. There is certainly no room for such an archaic shot in modern car games!

Or so you thought. But Circuit Superstars does exactly that, with one unique mix of simulation and arcade. The tracks get tired with time, which gives more grip during the whole race. Tires break down. Fuel runs out. And all this while keeping your eyes on the heart because you are looking at some of the cutest cars to drive on the assembly lines at a place called Tiny Town.

6. Crew 2 –

A dormant hit since 2018. Ubisoft’s typically maximalist approach to open worlds, here associated with the machine game genre, has built on an intelligently collected version of the United States that takes hours to cross in its entirety. You will notice St. Louis Arch, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park and Roswell while driving. Or you may be too busy keeping track of one Koenigsegg Jesko at 300 and passes by the hourwhile battling a Bugatti Divo for the top of the rankings.

Of course, you can always turn into a plane at the touch of a button and fly through the sky. And then down 20,000 feet into the ocean, and take a tour in Florida Keys with a speedboat. Of course, it is better to get stuck in traffic.

5. Gran Turismo 7 –

Gran Turismo has made a name for itself thanks to the realistic driving, and the realistic driving is just what you will find in the latest part of the series, Gran Turismo 7. After betting on the e-sports scene with GT Sport, Polyphony Digital has put the church back in the center of the village with the new iteration, which has put everything on a rich and typical single-player campaign.

Gran Turismo 7

After some uncertainty about the domestic economy, the Japanese studio is still working on correcting this aspect and has already launched an upgrade plan to introduce new and new and new cars on a regular basis – an iconic one has already arrived. Suzuki that might remind you of something … That’s enough to bring Gran Turismo back into the game after a chapter that had alienated many fans in the very first hour.

4. Hot Wheels unleashed –

Hot Wheels Unleashed is here as a platform to make dreams come true, and finally gives players more to do with the beautiful toy cars we cycled back and forth on their small plastic tracks. The result is as beautiful as the tank behind, a place where dinosaurs, garbage trucks and Vintage Aston Martin they can live in harmony.

And the guide is surprisingly demanding: You can lean against the wall to complete a curve, but you will have to master the style of each car to be able to do so with the efficiency you would expect.

Dirt Rally 2 –

How much asphalt so far, right? Asphalt is the natural habitat of a race car, this is the place they call home and sleep. Take it off and they get a little nervous, spin the wheels around themselves and wag their tails to ward off predators.

car game

What it does Dirt 2 is cruel. On mountain slopes and in forests, cars require a completely different touch than when standing on the black thing. Especially in a rigorous simulation like this, going fast is like constantly hovering over an abyss, always somewhere between having complete control and a complete loss of it. It is a glorious, down-to-earth, visceral race like no other.

2. Need for Speed ​​Heat –

Guide available but with the right weight. A great list of dream cars. Huge city maps filled with announcements of events and NPCs talking all the time. Need for Speed ​​started running for Forza Horizon to run. And thanks to Heat of 2019he finally got back what he was entitled to.

Palm City is a fantastic virtual Miami, and it provides a good excuse to pull the sporty models from the 80s out of the garage and abuse pastel colors. The soundtrack is also filled with very strong pieces, and with a racing game of this type it never hurts.

1. F1 2021 –

It’s not just an F1 game. It isIn search of the lost time licensed car games that explore all facets of the sport down to the smallest detail. Build a team from scratch, design the crew, sign deals with sponsors and, of course, get on the field – why not. Explore a myriad of upgrade options in the R&D department to keep performance in line with the rest of the group.

f1 22

Or just take a quick run to repeat the challenges between Leclerc and Verstappen of the new season. Wherever you take it, the F1 2022 is almost indistinguishable from the scenes seen on TV and will make you feel a bit like a real Formula 1 driver, letting you play with the settings on the steering wheel and tighten more and more turns until you have closed the gap with the pole position. You get on the podium, or at worst, you have to answer the journalists’ ruthless questions at the end of the race.

Written by Phil Iwaniuk for GLHF

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