Scuola del Popolo is alive and relaunching itself

The forum took place in the magnificent “Sala Reale” at the Museo Campano di Capua, which welcomed hundreds people from all over Italy to analyze experiments with Scuola del Popolo after the first three years of life. A complex and varied audience consisting of Chamber of Deputies, trade unionists, teachers, union representatives, pensioners and partners comes from Alessandria, Benevento, Cagliari, Caserta, Catania, L’Aquila, Lodi, Oristano, Prato and Rome; but also by regional CGIL structures such as Campania, Lombardy (FLC), Sicily (FLC) and Sardinia. After the speeches and greetings, the maximum was taken into account during the illustration of the results of the work performed. It was the first time that the data had been collected in an organic way to provide an overall overview of the experiment. These are the data: after his birth in October 2019, of the twenty chambers where the project was active at the time of closure, Scuola del Popolo is still present today in the thirteenth. It has developed more easily in small towns, with a larger presence in the south and in the suburbs of large cities. More than 600 people are involved in the latest “presence” activities in 2022 (data available from three experiences). A total of 5 Facebook pages are active in different territories. Through the project “It’s never too late”, born in Scuola del Popolo, video lessons are developed that reach mobile phones from no less than 1,500 people every morning, within a network consisting of SPI, Auser and Schools del Popolo spread. throughout Italy. The online activities, which refer to the Scuola del Popolo in Oristano (now “the” experimental laboratory), recorded over 60,000 views of the 325 lessons spread over 25 courses in a few months of life. Dozens of agreements have been signed with municipalities, foundations, health care, voluntary associations and much more. Half a dozen solidarity fundraisers, library organizations, up to the planning of a sculpture symposium. There are about 200 volunteer partners who animate this world for free every day. No overlap with already existing projects, but on the contrary, fruitful synergies have been created and registered, which consolidate or promote a new militancy, both among students and partners. “Scuola del Popolo is a bet played and won by Flc in refusing his way of being a part of a general confederal trade union “ he remembered Manuela Calza of the Flc National Secretariat, emphasizing how this project has withstood everything, reacted and transformed itself in the face of epoch-making upheavals such as those caused by the pandemic. The validity of the analysis on the theme of loneliness and the harm it causes to people in our society, based on proposals from Scuola del Popolo, was then confirmed by the report of Prof. Lucia Ariemma, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Campania L. Vanvitelli .

There Panel debate, coordinated by Pino Salerno, designed the plastic richness, originality and variety of the activity performed, thanks to the testimony of Gigi Taras for Oristano, Eliana Quintavalle from V ° Lega Spi by Rieti Roma Est and Valle dell’Aniene, Caterina Cocco by CGIL Sarda, Franco Armosino Secretary of CGIL Alessandria, Andrea Bagni di Prato and Miriam Biondo of Flc dell’Aquila. A greeting from Caserta Auser preceded the conclusions of Giuseppe Massafra of the Secretariat of the National CGIL, which defined the Scuola del Popolo “a mature project to be made available to its working chambers to interact more effectively in the territory through cultural animation” there also emphasizes how it has its roots in the history of CGIL itself, and revives and revives the commitment that belonged to Giuseppe Di Vittorio “. At the end of the Forum, however, one thing can be observed: the figures, the studies the experiment will always remain somewhat incomplete, that is, they will never be able to describe the gaze of the many people who, after the activities day after day have been transformed and enlightened, discover and thank a closer and more supportive CGIL who is able to respond to the deepest needs of human beings by restoring their dignity and self-esteem.As it has always been in its history.

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