Schools reopening and rising infections, unions: “Without ventilation systems and overcrowded classrooms, they will close immediately. The government is listening to us”

“The school presents itself for the appointment in September, stressed in every component, conscious of having quit and done and well, its part”: this is how Pino Turi, general secretary of Uil Scuola, comments to Orizzonte Scuola returning to school in September , between infections that have risen sharply in recent weeks and the lack of different measures compared to previous years. In fact, if virologists, on the one hand, ask for mechanical ventilation systems in schools and forget about open windows and coats, there does not seem to be anything ready to return to school after the summer holidays.

The worrying data on the pandemic leads to a return to the sense of reality that the minister seems to have lost, immersed in a propaganda campaign of government measures that have nothing to do with reality data. We would like to remind you that the sector does not have a security protocol. It will be recalled that in August last year there was a signature of the protocol, which in the following days was denied by the Minister and never updated again.“Reminiscent of Turi.

Now we must look to the future. We are preparing for the beginning of the new school year with the same problems from previous years, with the aggravating circumstance of an additional staff, the so-called Covid staff, which has not been expanded and which the government must decide on when it was the only tool used to return to face-to-face teachingHe adds.

There are no structural interventions according to Turi: “there is no forced ventilation of the classrooms, there are no health facilities capable of tracking, and the number of students per. class has remained the same“.

This is because “the government and politics have concentrated on pseudo-reforms, which, incidentally, are descended from above and not divided, which can be of no use in spreading the pandemic. Unless anyone is volunteering to come up with a pretty template? Well, at least we did not go down without explaining ourselves first.
But it’s time to think about what it means to have an intervention plan and resources to handle it. The school system has already shown flexibility and resilience, but it requires that we think about appropriate support measures today and not tomorrow“.

“Nothing has changed from last year,” Marcello Pacifico, president of Anief, told Orizzonte Scuola.we knew that and therefore we did not sign the security protocol. In those three years, only 3,000 more classrooms have been created than the 100,000 needed to ensure indoor safety and improve learning. In recent years, the ministry has done nothing to ventilate the classrooms or double the places, in the first year it has arranged in-attendance classes of 50%, in the second year it has imposed a vaccination obligation on staff and discriminated against students.“.

Today, virologists admit that the vaccine does not prevent infections, but the severity of the disease – emphasizes the Pacific. So we return to the starting point, but in a more explosive situation. The latter variant spreads, though with less virulent symptoms, 16 times more than the previous ones. In classrooms with more than 15 poorly ventilated students, it becomes the massacre. Not even time to reopen them with this number of infections that we will close them immediately. Either the government listens to us and doubles classrooms and staff, or it will be another year to forget, other than the protocol“, he concludes.

The NRP’s resources should have been used to “a modern and efficient classroom ventilation systemSays Elvira Serafini, Snal’s general secretary.

With the reopening of schools, given the continued growth of infections, especially among young people, the same problems will arise as we have proposed solutions to for years“. In practice, the situation will remain unchanged from previous years, in fact”Local public transport has not been improved, nor have there been any structural changes in the criteria for determining staffing: we will continue to have overcrowded classrooms. It will be necessary as soon as possible to enter into discussions with trade unions to share the measures that the government and the ministry intend to take to ensure the safe return of students and staff.“.

An important year begins, where we must strive to provide solidity for the training and education refund that started in 2021”Emphasizes Vittoria Casa, IPF, Chairman of the Cultural Commission in the hall.

As for PNRR’s resources, Casa states that the work “continues and will begin to have its real consequences for the whole school sector, especially in terms of renovation and safety of buildings, innovative learning environments, sports infrastructures, kindergartens and primary schools. Now everyone needs stability and trust above all: for children in terms of safety and continuity, but also for all school staff who need to be strengthened and who have waited too long for the associated contract renewals.“.

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