School, the plan for the reopening does not exist: the government is stuck on space, ventilation and protocol. And Covid staff seem to be disappearing

About a month later the end of the schools, nothing is known about how they will recover. THAT school leaders, in light of the new wave of the pandemic, they have started asking for clarification and would like to work on getting ready for the first bell in September, but so far there is no news from the government. Despite the second pandemic summer with the same minister, Patrizio Bianchi, the delays are the same as previous years. Yet the themes are always the same: the ventilation systems, the rooms, the staff. The protocol that the unions and the ministry were to sign has not yet been seen and even the so-called “Covid contingent“(The extra staff employed to deal with the pandemic) while there is no news about classrooms and transportation.” We are working right now, there is a discussion about the masks, which also involves the Prime Minister, “he says. Undersecretary Barbara Floridia (M5s). To decide – in the absence of a state of emergency, the Technical Scientific Committee – will be the Ministries of Education and of Health: in recent days there has been a summit between the two departments on the subject, with the participation of the technicians from the Higher Institute of Health. But let’s go in order.

The missing protocol – That security protocol it is the tool that tells school leaders – but also schools and provincial offices – the guidelines that must be followed to resume activity. At the end of the state of emergency, last March 31, one was circulating draft of protocol, which also the unions had disputed because it left excessive discretion to the leaders. No more has been heard of that text. In 2020, the protocol was signed – late – on August 6. The year after August 14. This year, you still know nothing. “We at Flc CGIL – explains National Secretary Francesco Sinopoli – have not even signed the previous document, and if there were no guarantees and sufficient financial support, we will not even sign it this year”. There is another not insignificant problem: CTS is no longer there, but in order to be able to draw up a protocol, precise indications from health authoritieswhich takes into account the current epidemiological framework.

New structures? Not received – No news even on the front page of gap. In the previous two years, first because of the mandatory and then the voluntary distancing, many principals have sacrificed laboratoriesfitness centre, auditorium to divide the classes into two. But during this period, nothing has been done to achieve it new classroomsNor has the decree stating the minimum and maximum access allowed in the classroom been changed to the point that the “chicken farm” classes do not disappear. “It is not enough to build 212 new schools with PNRR funds when they are found in Italy 42 thousand school buildings. It is a drop in the ocean, ”he reflects Mario RusconiPresident of the National Association of Superintendents of Rome.

Covid staff risk disappearing – The Covid contingent that was in service until June 30 last year is also likely to disappear: at least that’s what the secretary of the CISL school, Ivana Barbacci, says. “We have no news, but we were already told that with the end of the state of emergency there would be no more no chance to have these teachers and these school partners. “We are talking about twenty thousand teachers and thirty thousand between partners And secretarial staff who lose their jobs. The principals would like to know if, in order to organize the activities, they will have the same number of caretakers and teachers as last year: but they risk having this number already dialed.

Ventilation, no guidelines Another hot chapter: the plants of ventilation. One specific before March 20, 2022 decree of prime minister of Ministers (on a proposal from the Minister of Health and in agreement with the Minister of Education) should have laid down, on the one hand, the guidelines for the technical specifications concerning the adoption of mobile cleaners And fixed ventilation systemson the other hand, the minimum standards regarding air quality in schools and delimited environments in the same buildings. But nothing has happened. On the subject, Rector Rusconi and his colleague Cristina Costarelli wrote to the Association of Municipalities (Anci), the trade union of the provinces (Unpi and the city of Rome to ask what they intend to do with a view to September., The implants in some cases have served, though – says al immunologists Antonella Viola, “Studies should be updated based on the current variant” of Sars-CoV-2. In recent weeks, the most famous doctors in the media scene, from Roberto Burioni to Nino Cartabellotta to Fabrizio Pregliasco, have also stressed that a decision is urgent. “Unfortunately, nothing is known yet – condemns IdeaScuola’s national committee, which in October 2021 launched an appeal signed by over 500 doctors and teachers – except that the ISS has everything ready and awaits the green light from the ministries”. In the absence of this permit and the funds, local authorities and schools can not adapt.

Unknown masks Last sore aspect, ie protective devices: if they are still mandatory, it is necessary to purchase them in time to deliver them to teachers and professors, and to know if the surgical masks or Ffp2 still come from the state. “Taking them to school when no one is wearing them outside the classroom does not make sense, it seems like a punishment. But we will have to deal with this new variant, which in turn has increased the number of victims, ”explains Viola. “THAT data in this moment I am underestimated because many do-it-yourself cotton swabs and communicate the result if it is positive. We have put the masks away, but we must be ready to take them out again. What is certain is that if we were to go back to wearing preventive devices in school (and beyond), they would have to Ffp2 and non-surgical“.

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