Safety for bar and restaurant workers: Sardinia is teaching with a project that will involve 30 activities


To promote it, Confcommercio and Fipe are teaming up with Inail

An experimental project aimed at about thirty bars and restaurants on the island aims to improve workers’ well-being and safety and thus the company’s productivity by adopting good practice to manage and reduce the risks of work stress. correlated and biomechanical overload.

This is the goal of Artu, the Alliance for the Protection of Individuals at Risk, devised by Confcommercio and Fipe Sardegna, funded and implemented in collaboration with the regional management of Inail.

The project and its web portal were presented this morning in Oristano, at Confcommercio’s headquarters.

Interested companies will be able to participate in the program for free by filling out an online form. Confcommercio, Fipe and Inail plan to balance the farms by involving all the Sardinian provinces.

“The project was born in October 2021”, explains the director of Confcommercio Sardegna, Sara Pintus, “The aim is to try to prevent phenomena that affect the well-being of employees and the operating balance of companies. It is an experimental program that will involve between 25 and 30 Sardinian companies ”.

It should be borne in mind that in 2019 there were 93 wounded baristas in Sardinia, while in 2020, a year heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, there were 69. Two years ago, as Fipe data shows, there was also a cases of occupational disease for a bartender, while in 2019 there were no cases of this type. Injuries for chefs are more frequent: in 2019 there were even 158, while in 2020 they were 99. Occupational diseases for chefs were 14 in 2019 and 5 in 2020.

Sara Pintus

In particular, the Artu survey will initially involve entrepreneurs and then their employees, who will be asked to answer a questionnaire. The goal is to present the results of the project in December next year.

Permanent employees who handle tasks such as chef, bartender and pizza chef will be involved. The assessment of work-related stress will also concern the staff.

“Today more than yesterday,” he declares Emanuele Frongiacoordinator of Fipe Sardegna, “running a business starts again with our partners and their serenity in the places where they perform their duties. It is essential to aim for the welfare of those who, thanks to their work, make our activities productive and successful. The Artu project is not only a very useful tool for research and analysis, but represents a demonstration of the willingness of the entrepreneurs of public companies to want to make a real and tangible contribution to peace and safety in the workplace. “Approaching workplace safety from a new perspective that improves employees but also considers productivity as an essential element of job creation. The hope is that this example will also be followed at national level”.

“We are serious people,” he comments Alberto FoisPresident of Fipe North West Sardinia, “Entrepreneurs who employ a lot of people and really care about their business partners. For example, I’m the first to want the pizza chef or bartender to feel good and have no problems. We want to do everything to ensure the success of the project. “

Turns on Frongia Fois at the Artu Presentation Conference

Salvatore Denti, Emanuele Frongia and Alberto Fois

The Regional Director of Inail was also linked via video conference, Alfredo Nicifero. “The realization of the project will allow the correct knowledge and analysis of the occurrence of the technopathic phenomena that we want to intervene against,” comments Nicifero, “will also allow a more careful assessment of risks and the adoption of targeted preventive measures to reduce the occupational diseases to be studied.If we consider that musculoskeletal disorders and those related to work stress determine about 70% of the occupational diseases recognized by Inail, the adoption of appropriate and timely preventive activities in this field contribute to significantly reducing the incidence of permanent injury and invalidity to the burden on workers, including in the specific sector of employment for public enterprises and tourism “.

“The project,” he says Salvatore DentiRegional Medical Director of Inail Prevention, “presents a perspective of national interest because it can also be exported to other regions. We embraced the case because we are interested in taking a photograph and reducing the impact of work on employee health”. the future – as suggested by Inail itself – the program may be resubmitted taking into account gender differences and seasonal workers.

The President of the Confcommercio Oristano also spoke at the presentation of the project, which took place this morning Nando Faedda.

Monday, July 11, 2022

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