Russian missiles in Kharkiv and Odessa, Ukraine gather a million soldiers for the counter-offensive in the south

Today’s war updates.

14.56 Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended the simplified procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship to all Ukrainian citizens with a decree. Tass reports it. “Citizens of Ukraine, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) or Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) and non-citizens permanently residing in DPR, LPR or Ukraine have the right to apply for admission to citizenship of the Russian Federation through a simplified procedure “, The decree was signed by Putin and published today. The earlier version of the decree, Tass explains, only applied to residents of breakaway regions.

14.46 The death toll from the Russian raid that hit a building in Chasiv Yar has risen to 29. The Ukrainian emergency services on Telegram reported that 24 bodies have been found from the rubble, another 5 have been identified but not yet found. In return, 9 survivors have been rescued while the search for other missing persons continues.

13.34 “The quantitative advantages of the Russian army are matched by the accuracy of Ukrainian missiles and artillery. Western weapons given to Ukraine’s armed forces are already changing the course of the war. And we have not started yet!”: Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, writes on Twitter according to Ukrinform.

13.19 Russian troops destroyed an ammunition depot for Himar’s multiple rocket launchers and M777 calipers with Kalibr missiles in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine. This was reported by the Moscow Ministry of Defense in its bulletin relaunched by Russian agencies. “Calibrated high-precision long-range maritime missiles near the village of Radushnoye in the Dnepropetrovsk region destroyed ammunition depots for Himar’s multiple missile systems, M777 howitzers and 2S7 Peony self-propelled guns supplied by the United States to Ukraine,” he said. known Ministry as reported Ria Novosti.

12.42 Berlin rejects criticism of Kiev on the shipment of the North Strem 1 turbine from Canada to Germany, which for the Ukrainians would circumvent the sanctions: “We have taken note, but EU sanctions do not concern the transit of gas”. replied spokeswoman for the German government Christiane Hoffmann, at a press conference in Berlin. “We have always said that the crucial criterion for us is that EU sanctions do no more harm to us and Europe than to Russia,” he added. The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Economy and Climate then explained that the government also asked Brussels if the shipment of the mill violated the sanctions, and Europe’s response was negative. The response follows the position taken by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, which asked Canada to cancel the decision to transfer the gas turbine to Nord Stream. In fact, Kiev said it was “disappointed with Canada’s decision to return the Nord Stream-1 turbines repaired by Siemens Canada”.

12.37 The Russian army uses its recruits in the Ukrainian region of Lugansk (east) as “cannon fodder”: informs regional governor Serhai Gaidai and stresses that “a small part of the region still resists” attacks from Moscow, while “they are in fierce fighting” According to Gaidai, the new recruits, who have been picked up by Russian forces from the occupied territories of Ukraine, “are guaranteed not to survive even the first blow” as they are used to draw fire so that the Russians can see where the forces are based.Ukrainian.

11.14 Russian forces launched a missile attack in the Odessa region (southwest) this morning, according to the Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Presidency, Kirill Timoshenko, according to the Kyiv Independent. According to Timoshenko, four missiles were fired from planes flying over the occupied Crimean peninsula, and one hit a building, the official added without giving details. There is still no news on victims or injured.

9.38 About 37,400 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion began, according to the Kiev army. In its update on the losses suffered by Moscow so far, the Ukrainian military states that 217 fighter jets, 188 helicopters and 676 drones have also been shot down. This is stated by Ukrinform. In addition, Kiev forces claim to have destroyed 1,645 Russian tanks, 838 artillery systems, 3,828 armored personnel carriers, 15 ships and 155 cruise missiles.

9.18 Two people died today in the Ukrainian village of Zolochiv, in the Kharkiv region (east), after the artillery fire of the Russian forces: the village leader, Viktor Kovalenko, told Suspilne news. Thirteen houses were damaged during the bombing, Kovalenko added.

8.33 Ukrainian forces have regained control of the village of Ivanivka, in the Kherson region (south), which had fallen into Russian hands: the Kiev Army’s 60th Infantry Brigade announced this on Facebook. It informs Ukrainska Pravda. Ukrainian soldiers are now resuming contact with the residents and offering them assistance, the report reads.

8.01 Total disruption of gas supplies from Russia is becoming more and more likely. Italy and Europe are preparing to cope with the emergency. The government is preparing the necessary measures. There is talk of rationing for the energy industry, but also of reducing consumption for both heating and public lighting. In all probability, there will also be increased use of coal-fired power plants that are still in operation. International contacts continue with other producing countries to assess the concrete options for replacing Moscow gas. So far, the management has anticipated the use of around 30 billion euros to tackle the crisis, with help for families to compensate for increases in bills and support companies in difficulty.

7.33 A Russian missile hit a six-story residential building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv in the early hours and partially destroyed it, the country’s media reported, citing state emergency. So far, an elderly woman has been pulled up by the rubble, while there is still no news of any victims.

7. 00 Ukraine is gathering a million troops equipped with Western weapons to recapture the southern territories occupied by Russia, Kiev reports. Zelensky assures that he will punish those responsible for the bombing that killed at least 15 people in Chasiv Yar in Donetsk yesterday. EU Interior Ministers’ summit with Ukrainian and Moldovan colleagues in Prague today.

4.25 Russia bombs the Sumy region in eastern Ukraine. To report the news, announced by the governor of the oblast Dmytro Zhyvytsky, The Kyiv is Independent. Russian forces fired heavily at the village of Esman on July 10. No injuries or injuries were reported.

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