Rua, tradition and creativity in bistro format

Rua, in the Isola district, a new address for Milanese restaurants

Rua (street, in Portuguese), new address on Milanese catering recently inaugurated in Piazzale Carlo Archinto 6. In a room from refined and essential designbrings owner and chef Francesco Zucchi Ricordi an idea to the table revisited the traditional cuisine in line with today’s tastes. From north to south, his recipes suggest the most iconic dishes on our peninsula. A journey also repeated through the wine list, the selection of labels ranges from Lombard Franciacorta to Sicilian Etna Rosso.

Francesco Zucchi Ricordi, international experiences and self-taught studies

Raised in a family context dedicated to the textile and music tradition, Francesco Zucchi Ricordi – born in 1984 – became passionate about cooking from an early age and began to travel the world to learn about its ingredients and flavors. “The passion for food and wine was born at university, so I decide to give up my economics studies to start traveling the world“After the Spanish experience in Barcelona, ​​experiences in Chamonix and Courmayer and many self-taught studies.

A past as a personal chef

In 2015, he founded the catering company “I Marinati”. “SI started as a personal chef with my partner, and soon we were structuring ourselves as a catering company. Qhis gave us the opportunity to attend important events in the fashion and music industry. We have often worked at Castello di Segalari, near Castagneto Carducci “ Three years later, it’s Bech’s turn. “A format that combines gourmet sandwiches and cocktail bars

The food proposal, a combination of tradition and creativity

During the lockdown, the idea of ​​taking shape food suggestions in which tradition and creativity go hand in hand. This is therefore the imprint of the new club in the Isola district. Impossible not to appreciate mondeghili with parsley green sauce and veal with tuna sauce with tuna foam. However, the workhorse of Francesco Zucchi Ricordi’s kitchen is fresh homemade pasta, as tradition dictates. Excellent is the mandilli de sea, a typical Ligurian pasta form that resembles lasagne and is made with squid ink puff pastry and garnished with Ligurian pesto and raw pink shrimp.

A 360 ° experience, to raise the district’s offer

As we scroll through the menu, we find among the main dishes that must not be missed, the Milanese chop. The menu also includes the rabbit in porchetta, typical of central Italy, and the squid accompanied by Taggiasca olives, colored beets and

Carpino beans, recipe from Southern Italy. For seafood lovers, the swordfish rolls on eggplant caponata. “You live with us a 360 ° experience in the Italian cuisine we want raisesking the level of a neighborhood, the island, which has not yet taken the definitive leap in terms of catering. Although there are excellent clubs in the area

Bistro atmosphere

Rua is a continuous research, even in the decor of the restaurant. That interior design solutions they are suitable for any occasion, from the seats with black marble tables to the cozy table up to the counters with a view to the outside. it’s so much like the atmosphere of a bistro. The high ceilings and windows overlooking the square illuminate the room and its 35 seats. Nello space under, a bar area with soundproof system. “We would love to do theme nightswhere you can combine mixology and live music

Simple and creative proposals in a sophisticated environment without excesses

However, Rua’s proposal is aimed at an audience that is not very young. “Without a doubt, our typical customer is able to appreciate an elegant and sophisticated environment, but without excesses, with a quality suggestions, simple and creative at the same time. From our side – ends Francesco Zucchi Ricordi – we want to be the reference point for a sufficiently mature clientele in terms of age and choice (we are talking about a target aged 30 to 60)as an alternative to the area’s variegated visitors

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