revolution in design and minimal attention to the past

THAT future models from Opel they will be even more distinctive as homebuilder Stellantis tries to establish itself as a leader in design with the new framework defined as “bold and clean”. The introduction of a new design language began with the new Opel Mokka, which premiered the GT X Experimental concept from 2018, continued on the new Astra and will be rolled out to all future models in the coming years. These will include new generations of Crossland, Grandland and Insignia and a reborn Manta before Opel becomes fully electric in 2028.

Opel’s design team has chosen “bold and clean” as its guiding principle and promised that any future model will be “approachable, progressive and ingenious”, according to the chief designer. Mark Adams.

“We thought Opel was a dusty, old and too traditional brand,” said Adams, reflecting on the start of the company’s redesign and rebranding process. “So we would like to be bold, as opposed to being pure in conditions that sound like contradictions, but it is a bittersweet speech, which is something that should not be connected, but which fits very well together. Adams admitted to the British by Autocar which would take some time to restore the brand and public perception, but said the first signs are good. “You can ruin a fire from one day to the next, but it’s very hard to get it where you want to be,” he said. “We are at the beginning of the journey. Opel Mokka is essential, but that is only the beginning. We are taking bold steps forward and will be consistent along the way.”

All future Opels will retain the distinctive “Vizor” front

The “Vizor” front, introduced with the GT X Experimental concept and later used on the Mokka and Opel Astra, will also be a key element in the manufacturer’s future models. In this regard, Adams himself admitted that “Opel lacked a distinctive face. It had a nice front, as was the case with the Insignia, but many others had a similar feel. The Vizor is really important. It’s not a grill; it’s all , including the lights and the technology you want to portray ”.

The future Opel Manta according to a graphic proposal appeared on Autocar

Adams admitted that Opel was involved from the start ensure that its requirements were integrated into the future architecture of the Stellantis House to enable the brand to implement its design strategy. The only exception under the previous ownership of PSA and now of Stellantis was the current Opel Corsa. So the developer began redesigning the Corsa shortly after joining the PSA to move it to the company’s architecture instead of licensing it, which General Motors left behind.

“On day one at PSA, we started planning Corsa in record time,” Adams explained. “We already had the foundation in terms of architecture, and we built it around. Since then, we, like all brands, have been at the forefront of providing input. You have the basics, and then you add them, with different brands using different tools and unique things related to the specific brand. “Despite so many models from related Stellantis architectures, Adams said buyers will not notice it. For example, when looking at an Opel Astra and then a Peugeot 308, it’s hard to see closeness in the shapes, even though some elements are actually common, but no one notices it; “Now it’s going well: we are on the right track and can get even better in the future, “Adams added.

The new ownership of Stellantis enabled Opel to “be more ambitious”, while the former “had to share different end goals globally with many brands”. There’s an Opel there aims to be more demanding also aim for further growth while still remaining a mainstream brand. There are no plans to split Opel and Vauxhall or merge under a common name. Adams added: “It’s not one that goes one way and the other the other. There are very common footholds, so we go to the market with products that are in line with these brand values.”

Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD
Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD

Speaking of Vauxhall’s previously confirmed plans to revive the Opel Manta, which starts in 2026 as an electric crossover coupe, chief designer Mark Adams said that while acknowledging that the brand’s history is importanthis team will not create retro models.

“We have half an eye on history to be proud of, but we focus on the future and where we are going,” he said. “You have things you can take from the past with resonance, but we do not want to create retro models from the past. Take the spirit and the DNA and repeat it for the customer group you are targeting. You can not do everything; you have to be selective “. Opel revived the original 1970 Manta coupe by making the interesting Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD last year, but there are no plans to put this model into production.

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