Renovating Your Home and Selling Unused Items: Wallapop’s Advice

Wallapop, together with Daniela Zuccotti, Home Organizer Specialist, has compiled the five tips for renovating your home, selling what you do not need

Did you know that a treasure is hidden in the homes of Italians? No, it is not a chest full of gold coins, but of all the items that, after being bought and perhaps used very little, are left in a corner! According to research Wallapop, the value of the accumulated goods (between 6 and 15) by our countrymen even goes up to € 1,247: an amount that can be easily earned by reselling everything that is not being used, and perhaps investing it by buying furniture or furnishing accessories (strictly used!) to renovate the environments.

The data show that the living room (to 19.6 million Italians), the kitchen (16.3 million) and the balcony (6.4 million) are the rooms that people want to renovate most often. But where to start for a real makeover of your apartment (at a low price!)?

Wallapop asked for some advice from Daniela Zuccotti, Home Organizer Specialist.

  1. First of all: clean up!

You can not renovate the house without first rearranging the rooms: start by defining specific areas (pantry, coffee corner, pots and pans area, small appliances, etc …) and decide what you want to keep for each (rearrange with accessories and ad hoc partitions) and what to “let go”. By selling everything you no longer spend on Wallapop, you can earn a small fortune!

  1. Mix & match

The unsurpassed dishes are no longer “horror”, but on the contrary, they are very fatty! For example, you can create a new set of dishes by pairing the unsurpassed dishes you have at home with some new used pieces. One trick is to mix dishes with the same pattern, for example roses; or combine plates with different prints and patterns, but with the same shade; or replace white plates with a decorated dish. Make room for your imagination!

  1. Give objects new life by changing their function

To give a touch of originality to home environments, you need to think creatively: giving new life to objects is easy if we change their function! An old shoe polish can, for example, become an original cup holder for a unique and incomparable bar corner.

  1. Replace a few, but shock

To give a fresh breath to home environments, you do not need to change the whole furniture: choose a few “key” pieces, such as the sofa, a lamp or a vase, and start looking for some already beloved alternatives on Wallapop. A piece of design can change the look of an entire room!

  1. Colors are important

Do not forget that colors are important and that playing a little with shades and colors will help you make the home more comfortable. For example, where do you need to start if you want to renovate your balcony? Choose a palette of three or four colors and revolve around all your choices. A main color to be combined with a second or third color in the palette and finally a minor color that comes off: in no time the game is done!

Used trading platforms such as Wallapop are a perfect ally when you need to renovate your home and are now widely considered a good source of income. (for 90% of those interviewed), mainly by women (93% vs. 85% of men). In fact, the Italians declare that they have items to sell at home in the categories as well interior design (28% of women and 20% of men) e furniture (33% and 22%).

According to our latest research, by selling everything that is no longer used and that is often left in cupboards or basements, you can get a very interesting figure, on average € 1,247 per. family“, he comments Giuseppe Montana, Head of International at Wallapop. “30% of Italians already sell at least 3 or 4 items that they no longer use every year, a sign that the culture of used and responsible consumption is increasingly taking hold in our country. The next step to take, especially when renovating homes, is to immediately think about how to give new life to everything that is no longer necessary for us: it also wins the environment!“.

And to know all the treasures hidden in the homes of Italians, just follow Guglielmo Scilla’s adventures in “Home Treasure Hunt”, online on Wallapop’s social channels.

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