Nomad St Moritz 2022, the art and design fair

The Nomad fair, among peaks in the Swiss Alps in St. Moritz, hosts art and design at the historic Engadin location Chesa Planta until March 6, 2022. Here are some photos of the event

DIMOREGALLERY, Photographer credits Mattia Parodi, Piergiorgio Sorgetti, Federico Floriani

Nomad Circle, the fair founded in 2016 and dedicated to art and design collectors, returns to the landscapes of the Swiss Alps. It is a traveling exhibition in which each edition chooses an exclusive destination to welcome its guests: among the former sites are in fact Villa La Vigie (Montecarlo), Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel (Venice) and Palais Bulles (Théole-sur-Wed )). It is defined by its curators, Giorgio Pace and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecomptean ode to the senses“. Nomad inaugurated the first and ends March 6, 2022, is set again in the peculiar Chesa Planta, whose facade was designed in 1807 by the architect Nikolas Hartmann Sen from St. Moritz in the traditional Sgraffito style of the Engadines, where layers of colored plaster were applied to the surface. But the building is much older, its construction began in 1595 and is an example of the traditional baroque in the area.


Which galleries are participating in this issue? From Rio de Janeiro Mercado Moderno offers a selection of the best Brazilian trends, from Milan comes Galleria Luisa Delle Piane – with Nanda Vigo, Sottsass and Ossi di Seppia lampswith paper lampshades, part of the latest collection designed by Andrea BranziLOOM Gallery with Helmut Newton And Paul GeesRossella Colombari Gallery med Unique secretary from Tomaso Buzzi and the minimal applications at Osvaldo Borsani. From Oslo Golsa, with the sculptor’s installation Yves Scherer and furniture by the Norwegian designer and architect Henrik Ødegaardand Format, with the organically-shaped ceramics of Irene Nordli. Maniera di Bruxelles exhibits in the garden a modern reinterpretation of the Shaker furniture by New York architects MOSS: a wood-burning stove and a semicircular bench are inspired by the search for functional beauty in the largest utopian society in 19th-century America. Angela Weber Möbel and Larkin Erdmann arrive from Zurich. From London David Gill Gallery – with Dutch white glass flowers Barbara Nanning and Tristan Hoare Gallery. From Copenhagen, Etage Projects and Galerie von Bartha present collectibles with special emphasis on contours, atmospheric shapes and materiality. From New York, Thomsen Gallery focuses on the “Golden Age of Japanese Basketry”, while VOLUMNIA from Piacenza contributes important works from the 1940s such as the Bergère armchairs by Gio Ponti in aqua green velvet. From Cairo, LeLab Experimental Atelier focuses on The wave by Khaled Zaki: a large sculpture in solid chestnut of almost 500 kg. Galerie Karsten Greve, on the other hand, is a resident – with magnetic night pictures of graffiti Brassai Galerie Tschudi, Vito Schnabel Gallery and Monica de Cardenas (with paintings by Alex Katz), which presents their works as part of the collective exhibition.



Among the special projects, Christie’s focus on the masterpieces dedicates Jean Prouve, Charlotte Perriand, Jean Royere And François Xavier Lalanne; Piero Fornasetti formulates a new version of The moon of the suna series of twelve hand-woven tapestries, based on illustrations by Fornasetti himself in the 1942 almanac of the same name. Elie Top shows off its new jewelry collection Magica Naturae inspired by primeval forests and their fauna components: chameleons, turtles, snakes, chamois, crocodiles. Then again a collection of 14 items designed by Pierre Yovanovitch for Dior Maison, MIDI, a term denoting the south of France. Francesca Neri Antonello suggests FNA concept and thus focuses on the design of the most intimate parts of the house, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, to celebrate the idea of ​​personal comfort. Barry x Ballwhich we have already met with only one show a Tefaf Maastricht 2019, impresses with its own new interpretations of the baroque busts, made thanks to ultra-sophisticated technological machines; in this way he pays homage to the mountains that gave birth to the sculptor Giacometti. Finally, the Milanese gallery with a nomadic soul ALTAI, which exhibited the first ancient Sahara mats ever seen in Europe, followed by felt from Central Asia and kilim from Kurdistan, is the reference point of ancient primitive textile art. In this context, he exhibits the Zakatala F-carpetburning flamefrom the beginning of the last century, inspired by the rituals of the cult of fire.

-Giorgia Basili

Nomad St Moritz
until March 6, 2022
Chesa Planta, St. Moritz

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