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#noiusScholae Let’s say that it is simply against the interests of voters and parliamentarians. proven otherwise, they must serve the interests of the electorate.


It is actually very strange that we are talking about this subject, given that Italy is one of the countries that grants more citizenship in Europe. Emigration has changed, and it is no longer as in the days when Italians traveled without looking back, and it was unbearable to leave too forever. Today, who arrives in Italy, often it does not intend to stop “forever”. You are working on building a house in your home country and returning sooner or later.

Maybe you want to start a business. For this reason, those who arrive in Italy with a regular residence permit live well and have all the civil rights to remain silent in our country. I would like to point out that citizenship can be applied for after ten years, but this is rarely requested. I also point out that by asking for it, the children would fall under this citizenship. So if it is not asked and it is actually not necessary, why is there so much talk about it?

Italo descendants

Today, emigration has changed, those coming from sub-Saharan Africa. Sudan, Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania, do not intend to settle here permanently, but often wish to go to Northern Europe, or as I said, it is meant to return home sooner or later, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria as well.

#noiusscholae - pictures of italian americans

What is citizenship used for first? To recall relatives from abroad who come here for treatment and then come back and the Italians pay? It’s already happening and it’s an unstoppable economic bleed. S.and then the children are children of criminals, the latter could not be deported, not even for serious terrorist acts, is not it enough? Citizenship so easily, it would backfire on us. That would be an ongoing outlay, that’s not all.

Italian emigrants around the world

Have you already forgotten the facts about the train to Milan? and the girls are being harassed? 30 boys from outside the EU who do not integrate, and France has already paid the price and has given up solving the case. In Holland and Holland, the third and fourth generations do not speak the local language and intend to live in a closed bubble. There are areas where even the police can not enter, ghettos, closed bubbles, and that is unacceptable.

#noiusscholae - table of Italian emigrants

Instead, it would require a law on the loss of citizenship within the 25th year if terrorist crimes, blood, rape, drug trafficking are committed; of those acquiring citizenship at 18 years of age. If there had already been this law, the alleged terrorist who had just been arrested for terrorism would be chased before detonating a bomb.

Ius sanguinis

He would have been expelled and instead we should keep him and he is only 22 years old. None of them can be expelled. Unaccompanied minors arrive in Italy and are used as locks to enter Europe. Instead, these minors should return to their home country immediately. The legislature should act on this as soon as possible. They return to minors who all have equal treatment in school, it is not clear what citizenship is for first, that is, I understood it. To make rhetoric with the poor little boy who feels Italian and must have citizenship right away; it’s wrong because it does not take into account everything. Children in Italy, no matter where they come from, are the same, they play, study and at the age of 18 they will all vote, no matter what origin they are and woe to discriminate. What the legislator should do instead is make sure that the Italian descendants who ask for it are returned to Italy as soon as possible. # Noiusscholae

Rights denied to Italian descendants #noiusscholae

There is a law on #iussanguinis that guarantees citizenship to Italian descendants, but they have great difficulties and the delays are huge. Some have to wait up to ten years and that is not acceptable. That action is being taken as soon as possible, as many of these young people want to come to study in Italy, to work and start a family, from Argentina, Venezuela and many other countries. Many young people see their rights denied and their wrists shake over this injustice. Their grandparents and they left everything and they worked honestly and demanded justice. It is a very serious thing that the mass media is not dealing enough with these young people.

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