NEWS CONTENT DESIGN: the digital culture that crosses storytelling from journalism to multimedia communication

The book by the multimedia journalist, blogger and communications consultant is fresh from the press Francesca Ferrarabetter known online as @netnyhedsmager. Published by Dario Flaccovio, “NEWS CONTENT DESIGN – Brand Journalism and digital PR for communicators and companies “ it is a link midway between the manual and the essay, which is especially aimed at those who want to become communication professionals and who are freelancers or entrepreneurs in the information and communication sector.

From the very first pages, the text tackles the beginning of the digital scenario until it reaches the meta-verse, which today is one of the undisputed protagonists of online conversations. Twenty years of digital culture that also embraces journalism and announcement in its variants: brand journalism, media relations, digital pr, content marketing And storytelling which is the file rougen of this work through whose transmedial approach, the author also tells business cases not only on a national level but also on a regional scale.

Among the Campania protagonists active realities on the activist front between socially and environmentally also Le Zirre Napoli by Paola Greco, Vitrizia by Patrizia Visone and the WOW – Women on Women platform by Marianna Penna as well as artistic and sociocultural projects for active citizenship as f. ex. as citybrand #CUOREDINAPOLI, conceived by the New Technologies of Art course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and performed by the Disintegrati collective. There is no shortage of attention on Procida 2022 with the interview with director Agostino Riitano or the media format “Adaptation” by Neapolitan journalist and science-fiction Marco Merola or the interview with Neapolitan journalist and photo consultant Irene Alison on photographic and visual storytelling and the use of Instagram for artistic-visual narratives.

Also accompanies interventions and testimonies from other well-known names in journalism and communication such as: Federico Badaloni, Assunta Corbo, Claudia Illuzzi, Cristina Maccarrone, Andrea Paternostro, Alberto Puliafito, Luca Rallo, Barbara Reverberi, Renato Scattarella, Jacopo Tondelli, Grace Villa, Silvia Zanella, Roberto Zarriello.

«Francesca Ferrara in this text finally addresses communication from the right angle, the one that first and foremost requires the ability to design an overall process, which aims to devise, design and implement all the necessary content to achieve a given result. Knowing each technique and being able to use it in a harmonious unit and aimed at a single goal is the soul of this work, and for this reason the author has a technical-operational approach that goes vertically down to all the necessary techniques. to achieve the perfect “Bricks” that will later form the “building” of the communicative action »explains the journalist and the university professor Daniele Chieffi who edited the preface and continues: “Francesca Ferrara explains well how important it is to know the different materials and the cognitive dynamics that move everything in order to be able to plan the communication process – as she calls design – in the most efficient and effective way and transformation “From communicators to process designers of the communicative act. Francesca Ferrara’s essay is finally the complete discussion of the cultural path that the mediator must follow. A precious text that was missing and that must be read, but above all studied.”

“The concept was born in 2020, and the volume has been updated until May 2022, but has its extension thanks to a dedicated website (, which after the summer will continue with updates, and which will cover everyone news about the activities that will revolve around the book.Since 2000 I have dealt with digital cultures, also organized events on the subject, such as the first review on the topic, which I held in Naples in 2009-2010 Digital Paths, which ended with Vesuvius Camp, the first Neapolitan barcamp, format imported from America, which I continue with Christmas with RomaXmascamp (, whose art director is Valentina Cinelli, a format that entertained online during the BacklinkCamp pandemic, which was organized together with other journalist-bloggers from the first era of the Italian blogosphere ( »he explains Francesca Ferrara and continues:

«The work is divided into three parts, and each is a macro area that composes the series of connections between the branches of ‘information and multimedia communication’. With the advent of the internet, some professions have had to embrace new cognitive-relational approaches, such as the journalist, who is increasingly a journalist-entrepreneur and journalist-seo-specialist for publishing or journalist-social media editor and marketing .manages the social channels of the newspaper or blog of which he is the owner and / or editor, perhaps out over being a media communicator and designer of the site. The culture of ‘slashing’ is none other than the ‘slashing’ culture, that is, to engage in different activities, with relative and respective competencies, which are connected between information and communication. The hope is that reading the text will support the search for connection between informants and communicators, and that it will provide a definitive overview of the complex interplay between the areas and the journalist-communicator’s role in measuring the media impact of news value for conversation markets. ».

From the back, the new cross-cutting constructive approach to communicating information: NEWS CONTENT DESIGN three words that make up the three sections of the work and also a single hashtag: #newscontentdesign. Thus, a new professional profile for the communicator is also outlined: #news content designer information architect, director and stylist of communication of projects, products and services with the needs of the post-pandemic community at the center.

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