Here are the requirements for online applications

The Emilia-Romagna region is holding its own at the forefront of the right to study and will also in the next school year 2022-2023 guarantee all students in disadvantaged financial conditions a support for participation in high schools of I and II and of accredited vocational education paths.

A commitment confirmed, in black and white, in the decision by which the Regional Council approved the criteria for awarding scholarships and grants for the purchase of textbooks, in the implementation of the regional guidelines approved by the Legislative Assembly in May last year and valid per. the three-year period 2022-2024 (decision no. 80/2022). The provision, which focuses on equal treatment in the regional territory among all eligible students, also sets the time for the presentation of applications: the calls will be open from 5 September to 26 October 2022 both for scholarships, with competence from the provinces / Metropolitan City of Bologna , both for contributions to textbooks, which will be paid by the municipalities.

“The right to study – emphasizes the regional councilor at the school, Paola Salomoni – is an indispensable social achievement that we have put at the top of the priorities of the legislative program. We are committed to providing families with concrete help, which we will guarantee 100% of again this year. the eligible students. We work for an inclusive school that leaves no one behind, starting with those in disadvantaged financial circumstances. ”

Who can apply

To receive the grant, students must not be older than 24, ie. born after 1 January 1998, and document that they meet the income requirement represented by the valid indicator of the corresponding economic situation (Isee), which must fall under the following two bands: band 1, with Isee up to € 10,632.94; volume 2, with ISEE from 10,632.95 to 15,748.78 euros. Regardless of the age limit for students with certified disabilities.

The types of benefits

There are three types of benefits. Contributions to the purchase of books, school texts and other teaching content, including in the digital version, related to the participating courses are envisaged. The grant is reserved for pupils enrolled in primary and secondary schools (state, private and equal) belonging to the national education system and is paid by the applicant’s municipalities of residence.

The regional scholarships provided by the provinces / city of Bologna are intended for students enrolled in the first and second years of colleges (state, private and equal) in the national education system and in the second and third years of IeFp education courses at a vocational training organization accredited by the region. Finally, ministerial scholarships, which are awarded directly by the Ministry of Education and are intended for students in financial difficulties enrolled in the last three years of high school. The unit amount for the different types of support will be determined after the completion of the provincial and municipal calls based on the available regional and ministerial resources and the number of applications submitted. No enrolled student will be excluded from the benefits as they fall within the income and age requirements.

Applications must only be submitted online at To submit applications via the regional Er.Go Scuola application, you must be in possession of the digital Spid identity or the electronic identity card (Cie) or alternatively the national service card (Cns). To support the preparation of the applications, the guidelines for the use of the regional application will be made available online.

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