Gutter, taken by middle school collapses: Councilor Talarico presents a question

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School building

The group leader for “attivRende” asks Mayor Manna what measures he has taken or intends to adopt: “Tragedy touched”

Published on: 07/11/2022 – 19:55

DO An urgent question was asked by Mimmo Talarico, group leader of “attivRende” to the address of Mayor Marcello Manna, after the collapse of the roof of the middle school in Saporito.
“In recent days – reports Talarico – the school building in the Linze district has been hit by the collapse of part of the roof with obvious material damage to the rest of the structure”. Talarico stresses that “the collapse, thanks only to the absence of school children and teachers, did not even cause serious harm to people”, and that “the building in question, in anticipation of the next school year, is destined to accommodate hundreds of children”. “The news, although carefully disseminated by the local media – stresses the group leader – did not elicit any information and / or clarification from the mayor and the junta to public opinion.”
For this reason, Talarico asks the Mayor to know: “If in recent years the Contrada Linze building has been subjected to structural interventions and / or general and extraordinary maintenance for the safety of students and teachers and non-teaching staff”; if the first citizen “has activated the procedures provided for by law to determine any responsibilities of the competent offices”; and finally “if it does not consider it necessary to inform the public, in particular the families of the school groups, the city council and the school authorities about the event in question”.


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