Fueled Up: A familiar design that does not skimp on chaos and fun Preview

For a while, Overcooked and Overcooked clones were in the spotlight as players fell in love with co-op and the kind of fast-paced gameplay that this style of titles offered. But then a global pandemic struck, and suddenly games that excelled because of their local co-op character became less of a commodity. Fortunately, it seems that an era of social distancing has come to an end, at least in many places around the world, and since that is the case, I have kept an eye on an interesting chaotic co-op game that could sounds in the co-op’s comeback. That title is Fueled Up and I had a chance to check it out ahead of the launch later this year.

To be clear, if you have played Overcooked or something similar before, you will already understand the general premise of this game, even though the mechanics themselves are different. The idea of ​​Fueled Up is to keep a spaceship running for a certain amount of time, to earn stars and make sure you stay out of the clutches of the evil space octopus that is chasing you. Yes, the concept is a bit strange, but it can really boil down to: an evil space squid comes from another dimension and destroys ships, and it’s your duty to rescue damaged ships and escape with them before the squid runs out of them.

As for what Fueled Up asks the player for, this includes having to take the crystals to a fuel refining station in order to produce fuel cells that keep the engines running, as well as having to repair the damage to the hull, shut down. fires, make sure the air chambers are kept properly burned (otherwise they open up and suck you into the cold void), and of course you do all this while navigating through doors that only open when another player is standing on a cushion , for example, and so on. But if it somehow seems too easy a challenge for you, there are plenty of other dangers that will also throw a wrench in motion, including meteor showers that destroy the ship’s hull, wormholes that throw everything into chaos, and space squid. (essentially the squid minions), which will attach to your ship and make your life more and more difficult.




While the finer details are unique to Fueled Up, you can see the similarities it shares with other co-op games of a familiar design. You must work together to tackle the challenges at each level, even overcoming the level design, which is usually fraught with dangers, such as floating rivers of dangerous purple shit that will devour any player or object that falls into it.

To add to this, each level is not specifically about keeping the ship running for a certain amount of time. Rather, there are also optional goals to tackle, most of which require a little more communication and teamwork to get the job done. This could keep the ship’s hull above 50% health, which means you have to keep patching holes every time they are made, or rather it may be due to not being pulled out of an inner tube, which means constant rotation. of power cells located in the air locks are necessary to prevent them from opening. I would say, from what I have seen, these extra challenges are more for teams that have a lot of cohesion, as it will be very difficult to try to do it without that level of cooperation.

Speaking of teamwork and cohesion, it should be noted that although Fueled Up is realistically designed to be played with other players, you can experience the game on your own, as it will instead bring you to the level of two characters that can go from more at the touch of a button. It is an interesting feature, but it makes life more challenging as it means that one character is often stationary and unused while another moves to e.g. to stand on a pressure plate.



But all in all, what I’ve seen so far in Fueled Up shows me that this is a very fun game. Yes, it has its fair share of familiar features, but that does not change the fact that you will be shouting at your friends in no time while stressing about managing the many systems that fall apart on a high-tech spacecraft. If you’re looking for a co-op title to spend an evening playing, Fueled Up turns out to be a great prospect.

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