Everything you need to know about Disneyland Paris’ spectacular new Marvel-themed area

Here is the report on our experience at the Avengers Campus, the new area of ​​Disneyland Paris, which opens from July 20th.

There is now a short time left for the inauguration of Avengers Campusthe brand new thematic area Marvel dedicated to Avengers which will open for Disneyland Paris that July 20th and will be part of the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Thanks to the Italian branch of Disneyland Paris, we had the opportunity to attend the inauguration of this new area, the subsequent press conference and a range of activities.

During our experience we have lived on Hotel New York – The Art of Marvelthe wonderful Marvel-themed hotel located just minutes from the park in Paris.

The four-star hotel – decorated like an art gallery in New York – is a true love letter Marvel superheroes and to the artists who created them, as it is quite branded, from the rooms to the various decorations present, such as Iron Man armor and Captain America shields. As the hotel is a celebration of Marvel art, the hotel includes over 350 works by artists from around the world, including 50 exclusive, not to mention the various activities related to Marvel heroes such as. Marvel Photo Stations.

In addition, part of the hotel is dedicated to the legendary Jack Kirbywith 21 original covers designed by the King of Marvel cartoon:

regardingAvengers Campusafter some promotional activities on the day d July 9th we attended the opening ceremony reserved for the press. Here we were among the first in the world to discover this new section: The Avengers Campus is real a new area of ​​Walt Disney Studios Parkwhich offers two new attractions (which we will talk about in the next section), several restaurants and different places for meetings with the characters.

To gain access to the Campus, no additional payment is required other than the ticket to the Disneyland Paris studios.

After passing the main entrance, we attended the real inauguration where it Manager by The Walt Disney Company Bob Chapekthe president of Disneyland Paris Natasha RafalskiAnd Brie Larson (interpreter by Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel).

During this event we got to experience the two new attractions and the restaurant Pym Test Kitchenwhich we will soon publish a review of.

The first attraction is Avengers Flight Force, located next to Quinjet in a huge facility that also houses JARVIS, the Avengers’ AI. The Flight Force, starring Iron Man and Captain Marvel, is an indoor high-speed roller coaster (with loops, steep descents, turns and hairpin turns) that reaches 95 km / h in less than three seconds!

The other attraction is WEB and is dedicated to Spider Man: it is without a doubt the most high-tech attraction in the entire park Disneyland Paris. The great protagonist in Map initial is correct Peter Parker by Tom Holland (who made all the footage for Disney), who interacts with the visitors through an impressive projection technology, where the cloth is perfectly blended with the surrounding environment.

From a technological point of view, this attraction was a grueling challenge for engineering work by Disney: For the first time in the park’s history, the attraction does not involve the use of gadgets to interact with the surrounding environment. In fact, just move your arm and mimic the iconic gesture of Spider Man with which it launches its webs, to break down Spider-Bots and contribute to the mission.

In the evening, however, we returned to the main area of ​​the park to see a fireworks display with the various Avengers logos projected into the sky with various drones, all accompanied by the iconic theme of the Avengers by Alan Silvestri (a rearranged version that also includes themes for all heroes).

That July 10th Instead, a presentation press conference was held where the whole process was illustrated – lasted well 5 years which led to the creation of this new thematic area, which must not be missed. Specifically the role of Imaginationit is the research and development department for Disney responsible for creating, designing and constructing attractions around the world that include illustrators, architects, engineers, technicians, graphic designers and screenwriters. About this, here you will find all the details.

L ‘Avengers Campuslocated inside the Disneyland Paris studios, opens to the public from 6 p.m. July 20, 2022, but it will not be a static area. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, campus has been defined as a dynamic universe that evolves based on what Marvel Studios will release in theaters and on Disney +. Therefore, we expect countless additions in the coming years.

Thanks again to Disney for the invitation.

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