Classes are being cut, the school world is in revolt: “Institutions should speak out for the protests”

The coordination of teachers, Ata, Rsu, parents and students in the province of Lucca returns to consult with the institutions in the light of the reduction of 49 classes in the area.

“Despite the EU’s around 200 billion allocated to the Italian PNRR and the serious criticisms highlighted by the pandemic, the government, the Ministry of Education and the regional and provincial school offices do not seem to have clearly recognized the needs of the school community, given of the reduction of 49 classes in the province of Lucca in terms of the wishes of the schools and the unacceptable state of the school infrastructure, given the state of classes (in some cases whole schools) still located in containers – explain the coordination -. The recent complaints of teachers from Liceo Paladini and the committee of parents and teachers, born at Chelini Secondary School in San Vito, about a possible class cut are just the latest cases that have come to the fore after a wide range of complaints and protests in front of schools at all levels from parents, students and school staff. We recall the protests to the extensive institutes of Porcari, Camaiore and Middle Valley and the reports to Polo Fermi-Giorgi and Liceo Barsanti and Matteucci for class cuts or mergers in several classes provided by Ust in response to the requests received from the institutes “.

“In some institutes where the classes requested by the leaders have not been approved, we will also have classes of 29/30 students and classes of over 20 with 2 or 3 students with severe disabilities, in violation of applicable law ( Presidential Decree 81) of 2009), also in the field of health and safety – they continue from coordination -. the problem of class overcrowding. Furthermore, we must not forget the constant postponements of work on the Paladini-Civitali and in Carrarawho for the past three years has continued to lecture in containers or in insufficient classrooms, and the recent move to containers also by Liceo Vallisneri, to end up with absolutely inadequate and insufficient seats at Polo Fermi-Giorgi, which after the change of location part Giorgi last year, with several critical problems encountered, risks removing the container from Fermi Square with further movements of classes to other already saturated places “.

It should also be noted that the Ata staff assigned by law are completely inadequate in some comprehensive institutions, for example, 15 school partners were affiliated with Comprehensive Pietrasanta II, compared to 9 complexes to manage – continue from coordination – we consider this situation is unacceptable, first and foremost for the students, but also for the school staff and for the protection of the right to education. All this in a historic moment when the EU adopts an expansive economic policy by entering an unprecedented amount of public funds in the economy. It is clear that the mantra of “there are no funds” for school, health and services no longer holds: what is missing is the political will to direct them towards these sectors. It is absurd to continue to apply the education criteria for classes and staff (teachers / Ata) set by the Gelmini reform, which had the sole purpose of cutting 8 billion euros for schools in the application of austerity policies. As long as these criteria are in place, it is only a matter of deciding how to distribute the cuts in the least painful way: we therefore refuse to wage war among the poor in order to relieve other schools of the nuisances we do not want. in our”.

Not only that, but the demographic decline will be used to cut classes and staff and not to reduce the number of students per year. Finally, it is really absurd to separate the problem of class formation from the teaching staff and Ata or from the rooms. How to do several hours without the posts in the teaching staff and Ata? How do you do several hours without the right intervals? All this is in contrast to the National Reform Program, which allocates 32 billion euros to schools and research which, however, should not be used to reduce the number of students per class and to expand staff. We therefore ask the responsible bodies to act as spokespersons and an active part of the demands from the school world.
so that the criteria and parameters are reviewed with reference to Presidential Decree 81/2009, which regulates the criteria for the formation of classes and staff, critically assesses the relative consequences for the formation of classes and the quantification of the workforce, taking into account instead the needs and the importance of maintaining the quality of education at all levels, and we ask the leaders of Usr and Usp to immediately, from the school year 2022/2023, anticipate the compensations to be provided on the ground that are actually useful to resolve all these critical situations “.

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