Carlo Mollino’s life and works

One of Carlo Mollino it is a life that is incredible. Aesthetically and visionarily, his search for beauty and harmony led him to experiment with the most diverse artistic languages, and rejected his art in various forms. Architect outside the box, designer passionate and I photograph brilliant, Carlo knew be ahead of the times and forever mark the art history of the last century. Carlo Mollino’s works challenge eternity and are still very relevant today. From constructions to interiors, to design pieces that pass through photographs and the fashion world: we accompany you on this journey through the entire production of Carlo Mollino, from the origins to the masterpieces.

Carlo Mollino: biography of a well-rounded artist

Carlo Mollino was born in Turin in May of 1905 Son of Eugenio Mollino, a prominent name in the architecture of Turin, he began an academic career at an early age based on the study of design and architecture. After the exam a honorbegins to devote himself to his professional activity: initially next to his sheepbut then decides to continue on his way.

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Carlo Mollino: furniture and origin

The career off Carlo Mollino begins with in furniture: produces a rich series, original and colorful. Among them mirror Milo it is very successful: it is a work inspired by Venus de Milo. Mollino draws unique pieces, still very rare to find today. Enthusiast Cars, Mollino absorbs ideas and skills from the racing world, very useful for his future designs. In this context, he created the famous coach Silver cloud (first shut down in the 90s), and the Bisiluroa race car, thanks to which Mollino himself manages to pass the very strict selection of the 24 hours Le Mans. Today his furniture they are exhibited in the collections of the most important decorative art museums in all parts of the world.

Carlo Mollino: the interior

Just 32 years oldMollino draws his first house: the Møllerhuset, which dates back to 1937, and its interior is designed exclusively by him. There Møllerhuset has an innovative lighting system: it is a luminaire mounted on a rail, which curves around the ceiling.

Carlo Mollino: the architectural works

Mollino’s production does not stop there: during 1930s realize more buildings, today among the most important in the beautiful country. Among these stand out sledding station (with associated hotel) at Lago Nero in Val d’Aosta, theRai auditorium and the project for Chamber of Commerce to Turin. But perhaps the most emblematic work by Carlo Mollino is Teatro Regio, in his own hometown. In the 1950s, a period of greatest development for his production, he obtained a professorship at The School of Architecture at the University of Turin. In addition to teaching, Mollino takes care of the construction of the headquarters.

Carlo Mollino: photographs

Despite his intense activity as a designer, he manages to spend some time devoting himself photography. Note, both in Italy and abroad, his production of polaroid erotic, born during his nocturnal distractions. The pictures are very suggestive and they female shapes they are exalted to n. degree. The result? Images full of pathos capable of captivating the most icy observers. Behind the camera, Mollino enjoys observing and capturing different people subject. He deals with photo montages of architecture and interior photos for the most important sector magazinescaptures the essence of ski to complete its volume of sports technique with pictures, and finally give new life to the pictures in black and white which it gives a note about surrealism.

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Carlo Mollino: language and design

In the time when you want to get a ‘stylish imagesophisticated and fashionable, Carlo Mollino works with natural forms and is based on the nature that surrounds it: the tree branches, animal horns, the gentle curves of the human body, all this translates into a design aerodynamic And surreal at the same time. His pieces are expressive, suggestive: they go far beyond the simple search for harmony. The works created for Zanotta are perhaps emblematic of this drama: they armchair Ardeais, for example, characterized by bright colors and natural materials such as wood. Carlo Mollino signs several boards details: Arabic And Genuine they have a glass plate and are designed to satisfy any type of need. After some time, his passion foroccult affects his works. An indicative example of this is the chair designed for Gio Pontireminiscent of the image of one shelf.

Carlo Mollino’s fame

Although Mollino was highly regarded in life, only years after his own death he is recognized as the genius who has guided him right from the beginning. Multifaceted artist e multifacetedwas honored with exhibitions and retrospectives dedicated to its production. Character controversial and charming, it aroused interest in his too existence outside the box. Led by the passions that have touchedoccupationset aside for all possible carnal pleasure and with a far-sighted and, to say the least, original look, Mollino is today recognized as one of the most important personalities exciting on the history of Italian architecture and design.

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