Boys ‘and girls’ town, new logo and website on the municipality’s website

MACERATA – Meeting of the municipal observatory on the quality of life of children and young people in the Castiglioni room at the Mozzi Borgetti Library. The operational phase of the organism has begun

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The new logo

New official logo and dedicated website for the city for boys and girls at the center of the new meeting of the municipal observatory on the quality of life of children and young people, which was held a few days ago in the Castiglioni room at the Mozzi Borgetti Library in Macerata.

“The body has therefore entered the operational phase – reads a note from the administration – thanks to which the observatory’s activity is beginning to take shape, dealing with the effective planning of the various actions to be carried out, coordinating the ‘Department of Education by Katiuscia Cassetta and by the pedagogical coordinator Marzia Fratini ”.

The meeting opened with the presentation of the official logo that characterizes the entire project, the result of the elaborations that the various components of the Observatory share, and the dedicated website, which can be found on Macerata’s website www. comune.macerata. where you can find detailed information about the project itself and about the observatory, and which will be updated from time to time with the initiatives that will be organized and implemented.

And when we talk about the logo, Commissioner Cassetta intervenes by saying that “having a logo that identifies the project is not a secondary part, as it is not dedicating a part of the municipality’s website to the project, it is ways to become aware of all of the projects we activate. A society that will gradually become aware of a new, effective, concrete, real sensitivity for the benefit of the new generations, and we hope for the whole society. “

Work continued on the report on the activities promoted in recent months, which related to the transmission to schools in the city of the announcement of the launch of the Boys ‘and Girls’ Council planned for next school year and the programming for on 8 September, a meeting on the theme “School of girls and boys. The school of participation and autonomy promised by the Convention on the Rights of the Child” with Francesco Tonucci, associate researcher at the Department of Cognitive Science and Technology of the Italian National Research Council and head of the International project “The city of girls and children”. The initiative is organized in collaboration with Zeroseiup.

The observatory’s table then proceeded to search for ideas and suggestions for the introductory party, as proposed in the project manual, which will be organized in November for the launch of the boys ‘and girls’ council.

The meeting ended with proposals from the members of the Observatory present – Councilor for Culture Katiuscia Cassetta, Andrea Marangoni from the Piombini Sensini Association, Mirella Staffolani Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Alessandro Battoni from the Gruca Non-Profit Association, Laura Copparoni, Rapporteur from the Institute’s extensive Mestica, Floriana, Floriana Aligheri Comprehensive Institute and Valentina Verzola from the Ut Re Mi onlus Association – to work together on defining and drafting guidelines for granting protection to initiatives dedicated to children to be offered as a documentary advice to the municipal administration for the protection and promotion of children rights, so that a certain sensitivity is created, both at administrative and association level, and different initiatives can be integrated with a common and coordinated sense of pedagogical community.


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