At Villa Rendano there are outdoor applause for “Fashion this is it”

COSENZA – Great success for the third edition of “Fashion this is it”, the event promoted by the New Style Academy of Cosenza, the first higher education school in fashion and design in southern Italy, to celebrate its 24 years of activities.

Thanks to the Attilio and Elena Giuliani Foundation, Villa Rendano’s wonderful setting welcomed you to an evening dedicated to creativity and style. With extraordinary dedication and attention to detail, the founder and director of the academy, Franca Trozzo, brought the capsule collections of her students and young graduates to the catwalk to give prestige and visibility to the creations they created with so much commitment in their education and professional path.

“I set up this academy in 1998 to give talented young people what I did not have, that is, the opportunity to study fashion and design in their own field and work successfully as professionals. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a high school to prepare professionally skilled people to be employed in the various sectors of textile clothing. For me, it is a huge pleasure to read in the eyes of my students the satisfaction of seeing their collections on the catwalk – emphasizes Franca Trozzo with pride and emotion -. The show lasts a few minutes, but behind each dress there are hours and hours of work, there is a special study of style, there is research into materials that are the choice of the color palette. I would like to encourage my children to pursue their goals, so at the beginning of the evening I dedicated to them a poem inspired by dreams, specially written by the poet Massimo Cistaro and interpreted by Sara Guglielmelli. The dream has come true for many of them, and it can come true for many others: You just have to really believe in it and work with determination ”.

The New Style Academy of Cosenza offers young creatives a complete course; in fact, it is possible to enroll in the courses Cutting and Making, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Pattern Making and Fashion Stylist. Furthermore, it represents a springboard thanks to important scenes at the most famous fashion houses like La Perla, Valentino Fashion Group, Roberto Cavalli. Several students have also participated in national and international competitions and won the first places in the classification.

And just to celebrate the academy’s commitment to training tomorrow’s creative creatives and to get children to experience the excitement of the fashion show, the madness of the scenery and the anxiety of the catwalk, “Fashion this is it” was born. “The creations presented have highlighted the evolution of the studies from the first level up to the promises of the future” Made in Italy “, said Franca Trozzo, who oversaw the artistic direction of the event.” Fashion this is it “was presented with charisma and enthusiasm by RLB’s radio speaker Francesca Ramunno.

The first collection to go on the catwalk was “Ultra Violet Space”. Original creations in models and materials that have had a strong visual impact thanks to futuristic lines, optical and geometric prints. A peculiarity of this collection is the design of the fabric made in the hours of programming textile design.

The audience was enchanted by the collection inspired by Mattia Preti’s paintings. Dresses with an accurate model study of cuts and volumes to evoke the baroque. Unique and exclusive clothes with a strong stage effect.

Subsequently, “Trame di lino”, creations in pure linen made by the first year students of Stylism. In this collection, the study of lines and shapes meets the study of natural fibers into a capsule collection with an experimental interpretation, made with the maltinto technique and textile manipulation.

Second-year students on the stylism course presented the “Engineer” collection made with techno fabrics with a sophisticated palette and inspired by trends from next spring-summer 2023 in “Milano Unica”, one of the most important fairs in the sector.

For the fashion show “Baste a dream”, the students of the tailoring course paraded on the catwalk, who personally wore the garments made during their education. Subsequently, the creations of students paraded on the fashion design course. Mini capsule collections inspired by different styles.

The “Fashion this is it” event ended with a resurgence of the two collections of the young graduates who presented their brand. Fashion designer Irene Cosentino has created a capsule that recreates an imaginary bridge between Egypt and the cosmopolitan island of Ibiza. A total white collection contaminated with stripes of beige and gold brushstrokes. Dresses with rich embroidery and refined details, but at the same time comfortable, almost intangible on the skin; some made with molding technique. The file blush in the collection of designer Guenda Lucà is “harmonious contrasts”. The capsule reflects the idea of ​​an extremely feminine woman. Dresses with an indefinable lightness dictated by the fabrics used, as opposed to the weight and solidity that well-defined embroideries provide. Models that define the silhouette and at the same time make it imperceptible, soft color palettes and bold color palettes.

Between one show and another, the Academy has reserved several surprises for the public. The musical entertainment curated by Pasquale Nigro involved the public, who, in a warm embrace, joined the chorus to the tunes of the most famous pieces of Italian music. Elisa Sciammarella, a student at the academy, performed on the tunes of Shallow. The dancers from Serena Celico’s Magic Dance School fascinated the audience with the dance of the veils. Moments dedicated to the prizes followed. The Academy awarded the Solidarity Prize to the Apdem Association Simona De Benedittis and Rosa Martirano for their efforts in organizing music events for charity. The award was presented by Maison Nicki Falco. The creativity award for her evocative photographic style, for her commitment and passion for a modern form of visual communication, for her sensitivity and the continuous search for new art expressions. The award consolidates the partnership between Ania Lilith Gallery and New Style Academy. The award was presented by Confapi’s Provincial President, Dr. Francesco Napoli.

The gala evening ended with a choir performance that also involved students and guests on the tunes of “The best years of our lives”. Film production of Tempi Moderni by Ermanno Reda, Gianfranco Confessore and Emanuele Ruvio. Hairstyles and make-up of the models of Orrico Style.

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