Amazon is cutting up to $ 90 on Cricut machines in this insanely cheap Prime Day deal

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IF YOU or someone you care about loves to get smart, there is no doubt that you have heard of Cricut machines.

The machining and cutting machines and selected accessories are now on sale thanks to an insanely cheap Amazon Prime Day deal.

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Now it’s time to shop if you’ve been keeping an eye on a Cricut machine, heat press or other Cricut accessory.

Amazon has reduced them by up to 30% or in some cases up to $ 90 off.

If you are not familiar with machines, they allow the smart (and those who want to be smart) to create designs (or choose them from a large library of prefabricated products) and print them with different types of materials.

Think stickers, stickers, magnets, ironable t-shirts, leather and in some cases even metal.

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You can also choose a cute font and type (from your laptop, via Bluetooth) and allow Cricut to design the letters perfectly shaped to fit what you want to type (Hello, Christmas cards!).

If your partner, best friend or mother has not stopped talking about their friends’ crutches, now is the time to invest in their next hobby and get it at a great discount.

See some of our favorite Cricut finds below.

The new Cricut Maker 3 has been lowered from $ 429 to $ 379, for Prime Day only


The new Cricut Maker 3 now costs $ 379.00 on Amazon – Buy here

The new Cricut Maker 3 can cut over 300 different materials, including fabric and leather.

It also includes matte-free printing using the brand’s new Smart materials, such as Smart Vinyl, Smart Iron-on, Smart Paper and Smart Stick Cardstock.

Print at double speed and with 10 times the cutting force compared to previous models.

It comes with 13 different tools, as well as spaces in the machine itself for storage, which saves space on your desk or desk.

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The Cricut EasyPress 2 heat press is perfect for T-shirts, pillows, bags etc.


Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press – $ 99.00 on Amazon – Buy here

If you already have a Cricut and do a lot of iron-on-projects, you know how tedious and time consuming it can be to guess the right temperature, make sure the object is positioned perfectly, and hope it will not melt your beautiful new design when using a traditional iron.

That’s why you need a Cricut EasyPress 2 heat press, which is only for sale for Prime Days with almost a 50% discount.

Usually priced $ 189.00 machine is only $ 99.00, only until Wednesday.

The machine is perfect for projects up to 9 ” x 9 ”, and the accurate temperature monitor allows you to control it up to 400 degrees.

Perfect heating settings ensure that your project holds multiple washes.

The Cricut EasyPress 2 heat press also comes with an insulated safety base and an automatic shut-off function, which means you can feel safe leaving your craft projects.

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The Cricut EasyPress Mini is perfect for projects such as hats, shoes and other smaller designs


Cricut EasyPress Mini – $ 39.00 on Amazon – Buy here

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is all about the details.

While it may be the Mini version of EasyPress, do not be fooled by its size. It has all the power of the larger version, but fits smaller surfaces, such as t-shirts designed for your baby, the small space between the buttons, your favorite hat or even your shoes!

All this, and it also has three heating settings, an insulated safety base and an automatic shut-off function.

Save $ 30 when you buy yours on Amazon Prime Day, for only $ 39.

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Cricut Joy is also on sale during Amazon Prime Days, with a 45% discount on the regular price


Cricut Joy Machine – $ 99 on Amazon – Buy here

If it’s something for you to make labels, cards, stickers or stickers, then meet your new creator!

Cricut Joy Machine is a seriously compact mini version of the larger Cricut Maker 3 that we really love.

It has access to the same design bank as Cricut Maker 3 and also works with Smart Materials, which means that it enables larger designs than you normally imagine.

We think this cute little machine will bring you a lot of joy, especially at the reduced price of only $ 99 (originally $ 179.00).

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Cricut accessories are also on sale this year during Amazon Prime Days


Cricut accessories – up to 45% off Amazon – Buy here

If you buy a Cricut, chances are you will want to buy colored vinyl, masking tape, all the tools and lots of mats to cut your designs for.

You might also dream of a project that needs a special blade.

For those who already own Cricut, or who know exactly what they need, Cricut accessories are currently up to a 45% discount on Amazon until Wednesday.

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