Acimall: a new board for a two-year breakthrough

The annual meeting of Acimall – the Italian association of manufacturers of woodworking machines and accessories – has elected the new directors for the three-year period 2022-2025.

They enter the council Giorgio Casati (Casati Macchine; Marnate, Varese), Roberto Ghizzoni (Dierregi; Carpi, Modena), Stefania Maggi (Maggi Technology; Certaldo, Florence) e Pierluigi Paoletti (Paoletti Energy; Borgo Valbelluna, Belluno). The vote of the Assembly confirmed the Director for another term Aldo Zaffaroni (Mario Zaffaroni and Sons; Turate, Como).

The president will remain in office until next June Luigi De Vito (SCM; Rimini) and Vice President Marianna Daschini (Greda; Mariano Comense, Como) when the associated companies will be encouraged to renew or reaffirm on the basis of a misalignment of the timing to ensure the continuity of the management body’s work. The assembly greeted and thanked the outgoing directors for their contribution to the development of the association’s activities Umberto Pizzi (Pizzi by PGS; Borgosesia, Vercelli) e Filippo Pellitteri (TWT; Rovereto, Trento).

Voting operations closed one morning, with the unanimous approval of budget 2021-2022 by Acimall, following reports by President Luigi De Vito and Treasurer Umberto Pizzi; a consensus that effectively ratified the entire Council’s activity, summed up by President De Vito in his report.

The chairman of Acimall – after recalling the association’s purpose, born in the now distant 1966 – reiterated the exceptional character of recent years for the whole planet and the many, all too often dramatic knots that need to be resolved in the near future: “EN turning point two years also for our association, which should appeal to every resource to remain vital and proactive, to be able to provide adequate answers to companies in moments of extreme uncertainty, ”said De Vito.

A two-year period full of great satisfaction on the economic front, with one production Italian machinery and tools for woodworking, which reached 2.5 billion euros, with a growth of 36% compared to 2020 and 11% compared to 2019. export (1.7 billion euros, plus 30% in 2020 and plus 10 in 2019), and sales of inner marketequivalent to 790 million euros, with a growth of 52% in 2020 and 15% in 2019. import (244 million euros, 59% more than in 2020 and 21 compared to 2019) and consequently also apparent consumption of Italy, exceeding the one billion euro milestone (+ 54% in 2020 and + 16% in 2019). Also very positive trade balancewhich amounted to 1.5 billion, ie 27% more compared to 2020 and 8% more compared to 2019).

Luigi De Vito then emphasized “… how our sector has in fact brilliantly overcome this two-year period of serious difficulties: government incentives have undoubtedly played a significant role, without, however, distorting the market trend. The growth we are witnessing is not based only on the “incentive component”, which more than anything else has determined a temporal concentration of investment decisions, but also on a clear structural recovery that has brought the market back to normal lines of development “.

Optimism towards others future, although the supply difficulties and issues related to the conflict, as well as the possible resumption of the covid pandemic, could again destroy the cards. “However, it is reasonable to believe – said De Vito – that the Italian production of woodworking machines and tools by the end of the year could mark a new all-time high”.

The Acimall President then summarized the activities in promotion of the sectorthe association’s priority task, which is performed with financial and organizational contribution from ICE Agency; the initiatives that have been implemented Confindustria, CFI Industry Trade Fair Committeeparticipation in Federmacchine (the association that brings together all associations of instrumental mechanics, in which President Acimall also sits) and of Eumaboisthe Association of European Associations of Manufacturers of Technologies for the Wood and Furniture Industries, of which Italy, through De Vito, holds the Vice-Presidency.

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