A new showroom in China for Porro

Leek inaugurated its new Chinese showroom in Chongqing. “This space is created to enter into a dialogue with Chongqing’s architects, interior designers and end customers who want a house where the space is designed and the furniture is designed according to the space, with a tailor-made project where a craftsmanship of details is combined with industry precision, reliability and quality“- explains Maria Porromarketing and communications director of the family business.

The architectural project was handed over to the Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni, since 1989 Art Director Porro, who coordinates the brand’s image and has designed its most representative products over the years. “Lissoni has chosen to characterize Porro’s new house in Chongqing with an elegant curved entrance door in blue crystal, a sloping wooden handle with a geometric sign, resin floors and natural materials such as the wooden slatted ceiling and the organic painting made from rice residue processing for the walls: a concept that will be repeated in the other strategic cities of China to strengthen the recognition of the brand“.

The big living area at the entrance it is gathered around the Left Bench by Piero Lissoni with a top with clean lines in the sophisticated pale moon essence and a left metal foot. We are talking about the GamFratesi Kite Sofa, which fits into the home with its plastic fan shape. The savannah-colored Kite armchairs are accompanied by the Palladio coffee table from GamFratesi, with a trapezoidal plate in gold Calacatta marble and an anodised brass structure.

IN dinning room in addition to the iconic Ex Libris bookcase by Piero Lissoni, in the Materic table by Piero Lissoni, the black ash normally used for the bottom is now used for the top, a dark vein surface only interrupted by the central rinsing tray, and the conical bottom is an expert made of stainless steel, with a result with an extraordinary visual effect, between glamor, industrial and futurist. It is surrounded by Frank chairs by Piero Lissoni in gray fabric freely inspired by a French style, which brings new comfort and possibilities of expression. A floor-ceiling composition Modern design Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Center in black-stained hemlock plays on the emptying of the central band adorned with a calacatta gold marble riser, which separates the lower area with suspended drawers also with marble top for the upper wall units with pigeon gray lacquered interior. Among them are 4 showcases, with transparent glass doors, transparent luminous shelves and marble back panel, on the base of which are placed spotlights to illuminate the table top.

In the area reception The Fractal table from Piero Lissoni is a mat product that fits perfectly in the home as well as in the office. Its essential structure with L-shaped legs with reduced section in black-painted aluminum contains a top in black-stained oak, in perfect combination with the Neve chairs from Piero Lissoni in black-stained ash and seat upholstered in black leather. Boutique Mast is the graphic linear system that provides maximum freedom of expression: inspired by a boat’s master, it is characterized by metal stands with a circular section, on which it is possible to use large cantilevered “sliding wing” shelves and open spaces.
Gap hanging bookshelves designed by Carlo Tamborini in the noble china red and lead gray metallic finishes illuminate the environment in a scenographic way, a strong aesthetic character that acts as a bookend and a light source at the same time, thanks to the integrated LED lighting that runs along its circumference.

The true heart of the house, “walk-in closet for her“Storage, design Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Center, replaces transparent spaces, completely open or closed by glass doors, with the transparent corner solution. The quintessence of Porro tailoring and the ability to sew tailor-made solutions, the shoe cabinet with luminous sloping shelves and shoe stopper, created in a niche. In the middle of the room, a Hub-island chest of drawers by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti in black-stained ash, which replaces wooden drawers and the rope-colored leather bench solution with chest of drawers, to sit and look at your wardrobe with complete serenity, the heart of the home and the Porro offer must .

Porro brings his own personal style Bedroom. Textile bed with an intimate and compact shape, the Byron bed from Piero Lissoni consists of 3 ingredients: the upholstered bed frame slightly raised from the ground, the soft headboard pillows to hang in the reading before falling asleep, and the screen at the bottom that appears to embrace space and protect the rest. The offshore chest of drawers by Piero Lissoni in ivory open pore lacquered ash thanks to the continuity of the veins of the wood on all sides, a continuous volume is interrupted only by the detail of the handle in negative: a hole completely coated with metal with an iron finish.
Ivory White Coplanar Storage wardrobe with Boite Aux handle and ash hemlock interior shows the mastery that Porro achieves by furnishing the room, in dosage forms and in ensuring maximum elegance and functionality in each project.

The Storage Battente wardrobe has very thick 32S doors in ivory lacquer, with a Glove recessed metal handle covered with leather, which tells about Porro’s careful attention to every detail. The interior of Black Sugi melamine, a new dark, richly accented finish, is instead combined with a gray fabric backdrop reminiscent of the sober color of the doors. Its steps are interrupted by a niche where the Load-it bookcase with brass shelves and surfaces covered in gray fabric and mirror, hosts a modern top in black-stained hemlock, in perfect combination with the Romby armchair from GamFratesi, the shortened cone. in solid ash wood, with a stretched shape made of wedges in a furniture joinery exercise, it is connected to an upholstered, soft and compact swivel seat, upholstered in fabric or leather.

That “walk-in closet for him“Joy instead sort sugi, the enveloping finish, extremely sophisticated, at the same time old and modern, chosen for the Storage wardrobe system and walk-in closets. Combined with the black-painted metal structure, it gives a matte black-ink surface with marked veins, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Sou Sugi Ban, which protected cedar wood by burning it with coal.
In the center Traveler, the elegant and original daybed from GamFratesi is characterized by a black-painted metal buck structure and side backs, on which the saddle-effect leather is stretched.

ONE dinning room with a strong character, it stages the Metallico table by Piero Lissoni, characterized by the lightness of the top and legs, made of 12 mm thick solid aluminum and the special Chinese red surface finish, achieved using a high-thickness catalyzed varnishing and subsequent polishing and handmade waxing.
It is accompanied by the Voyage chairs from GamFratesi with structure in natural or black-stained maple and close-fitting leather upholstery, expertly cut and sewn.
A classic Porro like the Load-it bookcase designed by Wolfgang Tolk in 1995 creates a textured image on the wall, thanks to the steel shelves and wall panels in natural grosgrain, alternating with horizontal and vertical stripes, with a writing surface in black-spotted hemlock. An ingenious project that is completed with lighting: A new directional spot of light has been born for Load-It, a real bright spot that has been so carefully cared for in detail that it evokes the world of haute horlogerie.
The inlay sideboard from Front recreates the precious tradition of posts. Post is the result of a careful processing, where 4 different shades of oak alternate with a dark profile: a contour line that separates the different surfaces of the texture and defines their design.

Finally atExit for a full immersion in the brand, Timeline Porro displays graphic pills that bounce back and forth along the 95 years of the brand’s history, illustrating its values, characters and icons.
It is accompanied by the two-tone Gentle chair from Front, a project that combines the soft eco-leather on the hind legs, which continues in the arch of the backrest, with the light wood on the front legs, which becomes armrests and support for the back.

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