Where should I place the little boy? The summer school plan is for a few families looking for summer camps: from education farms to agri-colony

How many young people participate or will participate in Floor Summer 2022? Fewer than the schools had intended to host. As we have already written, the project would have garnered very few endorsements from permanent teachers: most of those who provided accessibility, also according to FattoQuotidiano.it, would be precarious teachers. And it is not uncommon for schools to be forced to turn to private individuals, especially cooperatives.

Insufficient funding

Then there is a problem regarding funds: 57 thousand projects will see the light this summer, distributed on 3,119 schools. Only that other 1,881 institutes had given willingness to carry out the summer activities and therefore will not receive financing: The money placed on the “plate” of Viale Trasteveres dicastery, including European, when not 50 mioas Minister Patrizio Bianchi also said.


Unfortunately, this is a manuscript that has already been seen: last year, come on 5,888 institutes who have applied for funding of call Pon (320 million European resources), 1,941 have not received anything.

The funds arrived after the deadline

There is also a time limit. He explained it to Eco di Bergamo Stefania Maestrini, principal at Filippo Lussana high school of the same Lombardy capital.

“This year – said ds – in order to access the funds, it was necessary to participate in the Pon calls. Unlike last year, when the funds, on the one hand, arrived in schools automatically thanks to the Decree of Support and the Pon calls published in April, this year, the calls were announced in mid-June“, that is, two months later and at school. “Too late to present summer projects to participate in”concluded the principal.

Trade unions: this is not a school

Even the unions do not hide their confusion, even in cases where it has been possible to set up summer courses. Pino Turisecretary of Owl School, in short: “Let’s face it: what you do is not school, but assistance. We transfer resources from the public to the private sector with a surplus of secretarial work ”.

According to Manuela Calza – of Flc Cgil – we are stuck with “good intentions and a lot of rhetoric on paper but few concrete interventions”.

The Minister goes to Enaudi in Rome

From the ministry’s side, however, they do not seem to be worried. And they look at who managed to receive the funds.

Monday, July 11th The Minister of Education will meet the students and teachers of the “Luigi Einaudi” Institute of Higher Education in Rome involved in activities and initiatives that are part of the Summer 2022 plan: innovative laboratories and creative workshops, virtual reality paths in spaces dedicated to tribal disciplines. The meeting takes place starting at 11 i via Santa Maria alle Fornaci.

Families resort to other things

Meanwhile, for many families with children under 11-12 years, the question of where to place them remains: galloping inflation, with fixed wages, does not actually allow summer vacation beyond two weeks. And often both parents work, the rest of the summer it is necessary to find an alternative to the house.

That said, there are also we must give up because can not afford the fees due to the crisis (13%) and those who would like to, but complain about a scarce availability of facilities and vacancies (8%), ie. summer center by the sea remains the most popular solution for families (but not always feasible due to the significant cost): according to Coldiretti in second place agrikolonie, summer camps in the countrysidewhich struck mountains and cities.

The supply is varied

It is a reality that the pandemic has caused to explode, due to the desire for sociality along with the need for freedom and security among the Italians who go in search of open spaces and contact with nature.

In around three thousand teaching farms present in the national territory, Coldiretti explains, you learn ‘by doing’, through practical activities and direct experiences such as sowing, harvesting, transforming, manipulating and creating.

The proposed activities are different and varied: they range from the laboratory bio painter to paint with colors extracted from leaves, flowers and vegetables for it of baby cooks where you learn to cook, while saving up for the most experienced, where you train the sense of smell, taste, touch and sight and learn to recognize aromatic plants or taste the different types of honey.

The proposals in the country

That training holdings Coldiretti, in cooperation with local authorities and the other territorial authorities involved, can also represent a valid support to the policies of support for children and their families, providing space for innovative education in the countryside, offering activities also for the disabled.

A valuable opportunity, Coldiretti recalls, to integrate educational provision for children in a situation where 3 out of 4 families today are excluded from this type of provision in Italy.

In it agricultural colonyFinally, schooling continues with the education project for the Amica di Donne Impresa Coldiretti campaign, which has involved around 10 million children over the last twenty years, averaging half a million a year, of which 70% are between 4 and 11, from kindergarten to primary school and 30% high school students.

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