Valverde School. Di Fazio: “I do not understand the reasons for so much hatred on the part of the municipality”

Waiting for the judges to take a stand on the controversy that sees the free municipal consortium in Enna and the municipality as main figures and in opposition capital on the return of the school in Valverde, which is originally owned by the municipality, but then by law is transferred to the free consortium, the local body continues the correspondence, with compelling requests and tones, sent to the competent offices. With regard to the last two letters requesting the municipality, firstly, that the requested information in the report of the test visit carried out by engineer Noemi Scarlata on 22 June 2022 be sent within seven days of receipt and then printed and alerted to the Authority must provide the documentation within three days of duly substantiated refusal by the technicians of the former province. In this connection, the Extraordinary Commissioner, Girolamo Di Fazio, states: “It is now known that the institutional goodwill of the case has been lacking from the outset, and certainly not on my part, as I have always had, due to my previous education. favored and promoted dialogue with all local and educational institutions.As Extraordinary Commissioner, I was aware when I took on the task of facing thorny, cold-blooded and complex problems that had been unresolved for a long time due to the well-known economic events I have risked the same institutional stability, but of course I did not think I should deal with an issue which, in my opinion, no longer arises in the context of the “institutional clash” as some local newspapers love to receive me in spite of myself, but as a man it has manifested itself in the purely personal area. year not the reasons for such hatred, I can only and partially understand the reasons of a political nature attributable to the long-serving Commissioner of these bodies. I have chosen to respond only to all attacks in an administrative and judicial manner, not to collect provocations and personal insults. The mayor has on several occasions attacked the commissioner leadership of the free consortium, which he himself has defined as a South American regime. I can try to understand his disappointment, which is purely political, and that he should have seen the assessment of the administrative action from those like me who wanted in favor of the territory not to immediately limit themselves to ordinary action, but who had a vision for feeling the role that I have been called to fill. The mayor, as the man of the law, as he is also from a professional point of view, in this case would have had to wait for the verdict given that the case has landed in the courtrooms. Impatient and careless, he not only took over the property but also demanded the documentation. Strengthened by his dubious conviction, he decided to take possession of it compulsively and unilaterally, which showed his lack of interest in the outcome of justice. His last request cannot be granted by the offices because the documents referred to in the minutes are still of an endoprocessive nature and as the technical procedure has not yet been completed, they cannot be released. I would like to remind the applicant that the premises awaiting the definition of the tests are still in the custody of the contractor and that they are not accessible in any case. As a man of the institutions, I await with confidence and respect the verdict that I hope will put an end to this story ”.

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