The state will fund the centers for the re-education of violent men with 9 million

At the end of November 2021, after the affair with the image of Minister Bonetti alone, while talking about gender-based violence in the Chamber on Monday, the proposal against violence against women was unanimously approved, that time with the classroom filled, and with the approval of various measures, including freedom income paid by the INPS. Which, as Bonetti explained at the time, is “a loan that provides up to 400 euros a month to women for a maximum of 12 months and is dedicated to survivors to enable them to become independent of addicts”. Bonetti, it must be said. , put the accelerator on these questions, given that national anti-violence planfor example, it had expired in a year now, and a new draft has only now been submitted. The anti-violence centers have always struggled to get the funds (and those awarded are lost in the bureaucracy, as he pointed out ActionAid), women’s homes are being dismantled, and many of the behaviors they condemn are still not heard and believed. However, the free income was a start according to the calculations of To saythe main network of anti-violence centers in Italy, the funds allocated are still insufficient given that only about 625 women throughout Italy will be able to access it, compared to the 50,000 survivors housed in Italian CAVs.

However, after approval by the department, also in the senate at the end of may, the resolution was unanimously approved, which allows for the establishment and support of programs aimed at men who are perpetrators of domestic violence and gender-based violence. The resolution proposed for the report of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the killing of women, as well as on all forms of gender-based violence, allows for a new structural approach, above all preventive establishing treatment and rehabilitation paths for ill-treated men in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of the Istanbul European Convention.

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There Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family Elena Bonetti, in response to the Senate’s report by the Commission on Women’s Killing on Treatment for Male Perpetrators, he said that “the bill, signed by me and by Ministers Cartabia and Lamorgese, reinforces the need and condition to follow these rehabilitation programs. We followed up on the structural investments in rehabilitation – and the recovery centers for abused men last year with a first million euros, which has become structural.For 2022, we have 9 million euros, which we are restarting: 2 million goes to the action planned by the regions, with which we also go ahead with the definition of Accreditation criteria for the new rehabilitation centers for abused men and the definition of the standard requirements and guidelines that are then made particularly necessary for the effectiveness of the action itself. And again: “The fight against men’s violence against women is a choice that our country does not intends to retire. We have chosen it as a form, action and strategic direction. by the government. We wanted to do it with choices that are structural, integrated, with finite structural resources, just as the national strategic plan to combat male violence against women is finally structural, a plan in which we wanted to include the implementation of Article 16 of Istanbul Convention concerning the rehabilitation and treatment of male addicts. We have included it with specific actions in the axis of prevention, with a monitoring action necessary for the timely verification of this action, and with strengthening actions also in the axis of punishment “.

“In the observatory on combating men’s violence – Bonetti concluded – that I set up the representation of the centers for abused men, it is intended to define the synergy and the co-planning and co-implementation necessary in the same strategy. My personal commitment and the whole the government’s follow-up on this responsibility is an important message to be conveyed to the country, especially to the many women and, unfortunately, to the many children who, together with and with women, are increasingly the victims of violence. our country and in the nearby contexts Ukraine’s situation that I myself here today think it is right to remind ”, Bonetti concluded.

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Male violence against women is therefore recognized as a widespread and structural social phenomenon with deep cultural roots, where the treatment of abused men will be framed in a dual role: both as a public service for the protection of victims and society, and as a preventive tool that tends to promote cultural change in order to prevent minors from in turn internalizing the violence in the family and then committing it in the future. In fact, the report emphasizes the need for a regulatory framework that provides guidelines, homogeneous national organizational standards to create a network of rehabilitation centers and courses throughout the territory.

Minister Bonetti announced “A national plan”, which already for 2022 envisages an investment of nine million euros, two of which will be redistributed between the regions to new centers. A historical turning point that, precisely to implement a structural approach to violence, acts on the cultural elements of patriarchal and male chauvinism, such as stereotypes and prejudices that nurture the phenomenon of violence against women, legitimize it and establish a dynamic of power. , which allows intervention before it develops into a vicious circle.

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