“Taste, traditions and health”: a year of activity in school in a video

“School is not about filling a bucket, but lighting a fire”. Irish author William Butler Yeats said it in the late nineteenth century and it is still one of the truest and most difficult maxims to achieve in the school’s intricate world today. A world that is trying to re-emerge after the full immersion in the pandemic, between father and new teaching methods, and which today finds itself in dealing with a changing audience, in continuous development, which moves easily between social and web, and which requires, on the part of the teachers, a speed of initiative and skills that are truly in step with the times.

He understood it well Lucia Calamitalecturer in class IV A and IV B in the first Nicola Fornelli didactic circle of Bitonto, which decided to launch a world of multimedia and hypertextuality to implement a food education project that would leave a tangible and permanent mark on the web for its students. Hence the idea of ​​creating one at the end of the school year multimedia product available on youtube, free and can be downloaded by anyonewhich sums up the significant moments in the year 2021-2022 and unleashes the traditional idea that paper is the only means of guaranteeing the duration of content for longer than the school years.

BitontoLive has gathered the testimony of this enterprising teacher, the protagonist of a change that the school may face together with the students, in order to prove to live up to society’s pedagogical expectations.

“This year I decided to carry out the project”Taste, traditions and health “ which involved 55 students from 4th grade in primary school, where I teach – Narrator – and that it did not take place in extra time, but in regular hours, because I needed all possible time to elaborate on the issue without time limits. I have cut time off throughout the school year to take care of this project, which fully embraced the ministerial objectives envisaged for civic education, and which for the children represented a journey into our local but also national traditions, and sometimes international, on the occasion of the most important holidays, but also in everyday life: typical foods, their origin, the nature and origin of typical dishes, legends of the past, why you eat panettone at Christmas, why you give Easter eggs ».

A civic, but also technical and social project, the teacher is eager to specify: “Clearly, there was also the scientific goal, that is, to restore proper nutrition education for the sake of one’s own health. The children discovered some recipes for the Mediterranean diet, the nutrients, the need for a proper diet and then the simple dishes from our tradition, which they learned to cook in collaboration with their mothers.I could not help but resume the importance of sociability, as a moment of amalgamation in the family and with the dear loved ones: for this reason we made at Christmas a short musical entitled “Hurray”, who recorded the musical “Add a place” at the table “and who again suggested the coziness of Christmas dinner”.

All this without losing the concrete goal of creating a product that can be used by everyone at any time: “At the end of the project, I made a video, visible on YouTube, which contains all the activities carried out during the school year, useful material for teachers, because they could track the activities and suggest them again in their classes, and useful for students who can review the activities performed and the pictures of their notebooks, of themselves in the kitchen, of the school laboratories.A way to relive the feelings of the year, relive with the mind the activities performed in the classroom with a nutritionist, Coldiretti, the elaboration of the study of carbohydrates, which are sometimes, foolishly enough, subtracted from the diets of the little ones. Them to make you lose weight and instead create major health problems ».

A path that has led Lucia Calamita to make a deeper and more mature reflection on the world of the school and on the extremely difficult and indispensable role of teachers. “The goal of my project – points out – is to bring a breath of fresh air to the school: I am in my thirtieth year as a teacher, but I can guarantee that the school is still not ready to receive and appreciate multimedia works, despite the two years as a father. With this hypertextual work, I have not made any requests to either the families or the children, I have not manipulated their work, but I have repeated what I did in the classroom. It’s a real project, at no cost, which becomes a resource for everyone on the web. Nevertheless, society is always ready to welcome the publication of a book with ten hands, which almost seems to arouse great sensation, at the same time as it leaves the multimedia publications from the teachers going unnoticed, which among other things tells in an exciting way and shows. the images of the work done by the students “.

“My intention is to promote and upgrade multimedia work: it’s not a simple compilation of images with a musical background that any latest generation phone would allow to produce, my multimedia product has used various tools, and it’s meticulous, tiring work. School must keep up with the times, it can not remain anchored only to the notebook and pen, otherwise our work risks becoming obsolete and no longer responding to the needs of children, which are now multimedia.I just want to expand the school horizon, I want to make families aware that the school is changing, that sowing a small seed of innovation and change “, finishes the teacher.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

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