questions, placements and recruitment procedure. What GaE, GM and GPS teachers do

The Ministry of Education will shortly begin the procedures for taking on the role of 2022/23. Quota, locations, application submission, speed dial, GPS.

Quota 2022/23

Education Minister Bianchi has announced a number of recruitments corresponding to 65,000 places. Before long, however, the ministerial decree will be published subject to permission from the MEF with the quota for entering the role of teaching staff at all levels of education as 2022/23, so we will know the exact number of places that can be covered by permanent contracts.

Recruitment rankings

Entry into the role pursuant to Article 399 (2) 1, in Legislative Decree 297/94, take place by deducting 50% from the final ranking list (GaE) and 50% from the competition ranking list (GM).

In the case of:

  • the ranking of a competition (based on qualifications and exams) is exhausted and the places allocated remain, these are added to those allocated to the corresponding GaE; these posts will be reinstated following the subsequent insolvency proceedings (Article 399 (2) of Legislative Decree 297/94, for all levels of education);
  • when the ranking list is exhausted or not large enough for the allocated places, we continue with the appointment from the competition ranking list (art. 17/1 in law decree 59/2017 for the upper secondary school and art. 4, subsection 1-ter, of law decree 12 no. 87 / 2018, amended into Act no. 96/2018 for kindergarten and primary school).

It should be noted that 50% of the places allocated to the merit rankings of the competition, after the different procedures that have taken place over time, are again distributed with different percentages between the different GMs involved.

Childhood / primary

Enrollment in the role of kindergarten and primary school is done by deducting the following GM and according to the reported percentages:

  1. GM Ordinary Competition 2016: all vacancies and vacancies intended for competitions; Some placements of the competition will have expired so that only the winners retain the right.
  2. GM Extraordinary Competition 2018 (plus any extra tape): 50% of the seats available minus seats allocated to GM 2016 (therefore 50% of the seats residues from hiring GM 2016), as required by Article 4 (1). 1st quarter, in Legislative Decree no. 87/2018, amended to Act no. 96/2018 [ in sostanza si procede ad assumere dalle GM 2018, soltanto se residuano posti non attribuiti dalle GM 2016, posti dei quali solo il 50% è destinato  alla procedura in esame (GM 2018); ricordiamo che il decreto sostegni-bis, lo scorso anno, aveva incrementato tale percentuale innalzandola al 100%];
  3. GM ordinary competition 2020 (if the GMs are ready): 50% of the remaining positions from employment at GM 2016 (therefore, the remaining positions from GM 2016 are split halfway between the extraordinary 2018 and ordinary 2020 competition) and in any case the positions that remain vacant after the appointments mentioned in the previous points.


Enrollment in the role of high school in first and second grade takes place by deducting from the following GM and according to the reported percentages:

  1. GM 2016: all vacancies and vacancies intended for competitions;
  2. GM 2018: for the school year 2022/23, 60% of the remaining positions from employment at GM 2016; then we will continue to hire from GM 2018 only if there are still places that have not been allocated by GM 2016. We point out that according to Legislative Decree 59/2017, last year, the percentage that was intended for these GMs (2018) be 80%, then raised to 100% by the aid-bis decree; for this year, subject to any new derogations from the aforementioned decree and as indicated above, the percentage will be 60%;
  3. Additional GM 2018 slot if there are remaining seats from the aforementioned 2018 GM;
  4. GM Extraordinary Competition 2020 and GM Ordinary Competition 2020: at the end of the posts in the role from GM 2016 and from GM 2018 (including the extra band), as required by Legislative Decree No. 126/2019, amended into Act No. 159/2019, the remaining posts from these procedures (including the quota not allocated by GaE and merged with the quota allocated to the competitions) distributed by 50% between the extraordinary competition 2020 and the general competition referred to in DD n. 499/2020as amended by the aid-bis decree and the consequent decree amending the notice (if GM, as mentioned above, will be ready).

The above is provided for by current legislation, but further aspects will be clarified with the operating instructions for employment in the role of 2022/23, starting with the recovery of places at the regular children’s / primary and secondary 2020 competitions.


The procedure for recruitment in the role as well as the allocation of the seat to qualified candidates takes place in computerized mode and involves the presentation of two different applications, according to different time scales, by the candidates.

The USRs with their respective competencies control the whole procedure and therefore provide all information regarding the availability, the “calls”, the methods and the time of submission of requests for participation, the procedure itself.


Interested applicants must follow the announcements published by the USR of interest and have a call value in all respects. The notices set deadlines for submitting applications through Online Instances and the number of candidates who will be able to submit them.

The number of candidates nominated, ie who will be able to submit applications, is higher than the number of positions to be assigned in the role, in order to have a sufficient number of candidates in case of any dismissals.

Online submission of application

Below are the applications that applicants included in the various recruitment rankings (GaE and GM) must submit via online applications (in order):

  1. the first question to indicate the preferred order of provinces / competition class / type of place (the candidates for the GMs choose, in order of preference, the provinces of the region where they conducted the competition, together with the competition class / place type; candidates included in GaE, on the other hand, do not select the province, which is the one to be included in the ranking, but only the competition class / place type);
  2. the second question to indicate the order of preference for the available places / schools where the candidate intends to be assigned.

It is clear that the applicants who are awarded the province and the competition class / place type (for those participating in several competition classes / place types) are already employed at the end of the first instance. With the second question, they know the task location.

Subsequent procedures

After entering the role performed according to the procedures described above, fast call and the extraordinary recruitment from the first band supports GPS.

Speed ​​dial

There fast call was introduced by Article 1, paragraphs 17-17, of Legislative Decree No. 126/2019, amended to Act No. 159/2019, starting from the appointments as 2020/21 and only suspended for as 2021/22. For 2022/23, the aforementioned procedure should therefore take place, given that no new suspension provision has been published.

As part of this procedure, at the end of GaE and GM’s ordinary entry into the role, if vacancies and vacancies remain, applicants (included in GaE / GM and not recipients of the recruitment proposal for the academic reference year) have the right to apply for to be employed in a province or region other than that in the rankings (GM and GaE) in which they are included. Learn more


To the ordinary items in the role and to fast call follows the extraordinary recruitment procedure, which aims to be placed in the role, in accordance with Decree-Law No. 73/2021, amended to Act No. 106/2021, and extended by § 5 -ter in Decree-Law No. 228/2021, amended to Act No. 15/2022, limited to support items.

On the basis of the aforementioned legislation, at the end of the accession to the role, the remaining support positions from the same, in the academic year 2022/23, with a time-limited contract (as of 31/08) will be awarded to applicants included in the first band of GPS -support; entry into the role will take place in the academic year. subsequently, after passing the annual training and testing course and the disciplinary test.

Interested parties will submit an application as part of the computerized procedure for the allocation of temporary staff on 30/06 and 31/08, therefore at a later date than that described above for taking up the role.

Posts in the role of teachers 2022: the procedure will be on online instances. GUIDE TO CHOOSE PROVINCE. USR messages

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