P&G Design in Enna, where hospitality is art, taste, beauty and maximum comfort

Giuseppe Nicoletti and Pamela Giunti, owners of P&G Design with Giancarlo Giainnini

We are in the heart of Sicily, in Enna, as the Greeks called the island’s navel, Italy’s highest capital at 900 meters above sea level in a city suspended between myth, history and reality, with an evocative, intimate and spiritual value.

And it’s in this magical place Giuseppe Nicoletti and Pamela Giunti, united in life, but also by a shared vision of hospitality, they are revolutionizing the world of hospitality in a city that offered a very low value offer up to 9 years ago, realizing that there was room for a project that originally could have seemed bold, overly ambitious and visionary, but which today represents, in the capital of Enna, a consolidated reality with growth prospects for advanced hospitality in central Sicily and beyond.

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Thus P&G Design was born (Via Fratelli Attilio and Guido Vigna, 121, 94100 Enna – cell. 3356339797)a project with strong cultural veins where Giuseppe and Pamela borrow sensitivity, leadership skills, travel experiences, love of culture, matured over the years, beginning with restoring a structure located in the historical center of Enna. This is how the structure in via … comes to life. a magical place where creativity and originality ensure a comfortable modern design.
The result is a B&B with four rooms, each with its own specificity and uniqueness, where the passion for art of its owners is linked to the modern design of “Lago”, who chose it for the “Lago Welcome” project.

We visited them in their facility to get them to tell us live anecdotes and curiosities linked to this experience with a strong innovative character, which today enjoys entrepreneurial success in the field of hospitality, but which at the same time has the costume of a project with a strong cultural vein

“Tub” suites

What is the conceptual element underlying the P&G Design project?
Joseph – Everything is based on our common will to do something for Enna in hospitality and tourism with a strong impact, and which could help to increase hospitality. We were supported by our ability to examine and analyze the needs, desires and services that must be combined to expand the offer of guest care and thus make their stay a unique experience. The management profession we practice, and take on work around Italy and around the world in high-level hotel facilities, has allowed us to transfer the experience we have gained to our project. Basically, the goal was to ” makes sleep a travel story to share and transfer to friendsFrom there, our idea of ​​hospitality was born, understood as a mission, as an integral part of the place’s tourist offer.

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Where the matrix of P&G Design’s strong cultural imprint lies?
Pamela – I believe that my educational path is not foreign, I was born as a dance teacher and dancer and studied in Palermo, the city that gave birth to me and where I lived before I shared my life experience with Giuseppe and also saw the professional and this bet, where I think I have translated my artistic and cultural sensibilities. As a youngster, I liked to paint rather than write. This love of reading can be seen in old books, even of some value, scattered around the structure and above all in the partnerships with artists who find “home” here and who make it a real art gallery with the permanent exhibition in paintings , which we update regularly. On the other hand, we had intended the B&B as a place where you should not just stay, but “a place to get to know and enter into symbiosis with the territory, the people, the value and the human dimension“Through all its forms, including art.

The pictures shown in the structure testify to the big names in Italian art and culture who have chosen P&G Design to stay in Enna, can you tell us some anecdotes and curiosities?
Giuseppe and Pamela – It all started when he, as soon as the Vinicio Capossela company, which would have stopped in Enna for some shows, had just started, chose our structure to stay. And then it was Vinicio himself from mouth to mouth that brought us great artists like Mogol, Giancarlo Giannini, Nicoletta Braschi. What I would like to emphasize is that P&G Design is characterized as a meeting place for starting relationships of artistic collaborations. But it is also a place and a source of inspiration, in fact this is the great artist Moni Ovadia has written some of his works, and we are happy to witness the precise words with which he defined “P&G Design” and which make us proud “In Enna, in a very special and surprising city, there is a place of welcome and spirit, a traveler who passes by, stops and rejoices”

The rich breakfast based on Km0 products

The sophistication and love of attention to detail, a characteristic element of the structure, when sublime peaks in the breakfast you offer guests, what is the philosophy behind the selected products?
– Even at breakfast I tried to transfer my personal experiences, my healthy eating habits based on the choice of good, healthy and wholesome products and above all of the territory of km0. In the land of Ceres of fine grains, in the leavened products we offer to the customer, there is no use of chemical yeast, but only of mother yeast, starting with the famous Enna mushroom cake, with eggs, flour and wheat starch that makes it a unique dessert to the world with a tall and wedge-shaped shape resembling a flower. The other products are characterized by craftsmanship and seasonal from biscuits, fruit juices, jams at Km 0, to yoghurt from a family-run dairy company in our area, to cold cuts for those who want a breakfast with an international footprint. .

To close the classic question of plans for the future of the growth of your accommodation offer?
Joseph – A project that we have been throwing ourselves over for some time is about to take place. We have identified a structure that seemed unattainable on 400 square meters in the central Piazza San Francesco in our city, where we will create 4 very large suites with private spa for exclusive use. A proposal in line with what has been achieved, and which will raise the level of accommodation in Enna, for demanding users, who we believe can ensure comfort, sophistication, glamor and charm and an experience that is not only linked to the well-being of the body, but also of the soul and the spirit.

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