“Pfizer test on children’s vaccines must be invalidated” / Clare Craig “Beware of suicide …”

The clinical pathologist Clare Craig back to the attack of Vaccines against covid from Pfizer. The British expert through the columns of La Verità attacked in Pfizer’s clinical trials with vaccines for children aged 6 months to 5 years. “There were several aspects of the data presented that would put any reputable scientist to shameHe attacks. But it does not stop there: “The trial should never have received ethical approval, as there was no prospect of significant benefits for the children involved, and as there is ample evidence in adults that these products are not 100% safe. . Still, Pfizer was approved to prosecute and recruit 4,500“. According to Clare Craig, Pfizer would not have been able to measure the benefits in terms of deaths or hospitalizations, so they would.”set the criteria for the success of the experiment on their own“.

Moreover, Clare Craig reports it Pfizer stated that there is no level of antibody that has been shown to be able to protect, “nevertheless, they were allowed to use the antibody level as a measure of the success of the drug“. The doctor claims that the Pfizer test is”failed based on initial criteria, but Pfizer decided to change the protocol and add a third dose to try to force a result“And accusation Pfizer having “ignored 365 Covid cases and presented only the results of ten Covid cases after the third dose“.


To Clare Craigit was shocking enough“at Pfizer was ready to present “such useless data in public“But he thinks it’s even more than”The FDA panel unanimously decided to grant permission for use in an emergency“. This is because there is no danger of serious consequences or death to the children. For the British clinical pathologist Pfizer would have distorted the data. “There are two ways in which Pfizer has been very dishonest in collecting the data. The first consisted of ignoring 97% of the Covid cases. In the first three weeks between the first and second dose, 30% more cases of Covid occurred in the mRna group compared to the placebo group.“The pathologist also talks about”good evidence of immunosuppression, in the initial period after vaccination, which therefore involves a risk. Pfizer ignored this data“. Moreover, Pfizer it also ignored all Covid cases after the second dose and in the first week after the third“Eventually he would”I draw ridiculous conclusions based on only ten cases“.


Another element of “dishonesty” of Pfizer on vaccines for children according to the expert, it should have counted only the first case of Covid for each child. “However, nine of them were re-infected after the third dose“. Therefore, Clare Craig she is convinced that the trial should be annulled. “It was not ethical from the start. There is nothing that indicates a benefit to children and there are actually worrying signs of harm“No data, no evidence, no precise references. Only unsubstantiated allegations are Clare Craig’s allegations about The Truth. effect, a question where hoaxes and denials are intertwined. Clare Craig returns to the office in terms of vaccines (not just for children) as well as mortality among young people. “Between the ages of 15 and 19, he returned to normal as vaccinations became fewerIn the ‘pot’ it also puts “A big increase in suicide“. It is not known what they have to do with vaccines, but for the clinical pathologist there is a connection, though without any element.”A large number of suicides have also been reported in the US Vaers system, which registers the negative effects of vaccines. That there is no investigation into these infant deaths is shameful“.


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