Holidays for children with chronic illnesses thanks to the De Marchi Foundation

Summer holidays are part of the overall framework for the project’s activities A HOSPITAL NOT BAD which is intended to contain pain, fear and stress in all children treated at the pediatric clinic of the Milan Outpatient Clinic

In this already hot summer, an interlude of holiday, leisure and fun will also be guaranteed for the little ones who are being treated at the pediatric clinic in Milan’s outpatient clinic, thanks to “Therapeutic holidays” promoted by the De Marchi Onlus Foundation

Thanks to this initiative regarding forty young patients with long or chronic diseases can live this holiday experience (two a week’s holiday divided into smaller and larger patients) assisted by medical and paramedical personnel.

The holiday experience – where leisure, recreation and sharing meet – allows you to create one even more solid relationship between patient, doctors and nursesas well as represent one exchange moment and comparison with other patients. This confrontation turns into an opportunity for enrichment and growth for all, encouraging attention and the relationship between children, a good circle of cooperation that benefits the psychological aspect of the patients and the treatments themselves.

Moreoveroften, many families with children affected by chronic diseases also face serious financial difficulties which prevents them from paying for a “safe” vacation for their children.
Thanks to this project, ie manages to keep the cost of the holiday thanks to the medical and nursing staff at De Marchi Pediatric Clinic, who offer part of their holiday period to support children and for contributions from partners such as the hotel chain Best Western which recognizes a particularly reduced occupancy rate and to other benefactors who annually donate an experience on a sailboat to young patients.

The children participating in the stays all have a stable and controlled pathology
and does not pose an increased risk. Also for extra security they are always accompanied by doctors and health professionals learn about the disease and medicine. The staff also ensures the presence of oneart therapist for recreation and volunteersfor support.

“To ensure the best possible quality of life for the children being treated, we often arrange legendary activities Which one assisted vacations, sailing cruises, days in Gardaland or other parks fun” Narrator Francesco Iandola, CEO of the De Marchi ONLUS Foundation. “We have also activated From Marchi Campto offer children an outdoor recreational space to do pet therapy and other play activities. During the year we arrange recreational moments with concerts, parties, visits by famous people, pet therapy, magic shows, fairy tales and everything that can make the stay in the Clinic easier for children and their families ”.

For over forty years together with the most fragile children affected by hemopathy and childhood cancerDe Marchi Foundation not only provides global assistance to children and their familieswhich supports their treatments through medical-scientific research and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, but also guarantees the opportunity to go on holiday.

In the last 10 years, the Marchi Foundation has donated 126,000 euros in art therapy, 62,400 euros in psychological support, 271,000 euros in financial assistance to families, 175,000 euros in assisted vacations, over 1.5 million euros in scholarships and medical training, 650,000 in restructuring departments and scientific equipment and has trained over 100 volunteers present at the departments seven days a week.

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