“Everything is fine on the courses”

Stefano Lucidi (Lega), on the other hand, talks about the fears that have emerged in recent days regarding future courses for police officers and superintendents that are not yet planned in Spoleto.

Question by Zaffini: “Spoleto School is a competition center”

“Minister Lamorgese uses the Lanari Institute in Spoleto as a priority meeting place for the insolvency proceedings of both the state police, starting from the current one, and other state administrations. And this in light of the strategic geographical location, close to the major road infrastructures, which could enable the Institute itself to be identified as a suitable and privileged venue as the only competition center at national level “. It says the senator of the Brothers of Italy, regional coordinator of Umbria, Francesco Safinerwho asked a question to Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese on the subject.

In particular, Senator Zaffini points out how the identification of the Lanari Institute “for the implementation of the competition for the recruitment of 1381 student agents from the State Police, whose testing is to take place next July at locations owned by private individuals, it could also be a solution with positive financial consequences for the administration itself. In fact, state police schools should be used as privileged places to conduct the aforementioned competition tests given the high cost that the administration is forced to bear by outsourcing the service, which may even exceed the ceiling of two hundred thousand euros for each competition procedure. “

Hence the request to Minister Lamorgese to use structures “already available to the State Police itself and primarily to the ‘Lanari’ Institute in Spoleto. And this also in the light of the resolution of the Umbrian Legislative Assembly, which submitted both to the Ministry of the Interior and to the top of the State Police the request that the institute itself be identified as a ‘national competition center’. All this without the role of the institute as a strategic expertise for the training of the public security apparatus is not undermined“.

Lucidi: “Spoleto school is still fundamental to Viminale”

On the other hand, Northern League Senator Stefano Lucidi is intervening in the maintenance of the competitions for student agents and state police chiefs after the last few weeks’ alarms: “The police academy in Spoleto remains a strategic and central institution in the security sector and the state police, a structure that the Italian state and the PS itself cannot do without. This is a brief summary of the discussions I had with Deputy Secretary Nicola Molteni (Lega) to ask for clarification on the future of the Spoleto Training Institute.“.

Lucidi also points out that “following a physiological rotation principle, the courses will of course be resumed already next autumn, especially in November, when the new employees for the training period come to the city. A fundamental fact that must not be underestimated and forgotten is that the structure is, of course, closely linked to the implementation of national courses and competitions, which focus directly on a logistical and professional level. For this reason, there is a non-secondary aspect that certainly deserves to be taken into account, namely that the concerns about the failure caused by the city will be limited to the summer period, while the presence of guests already in the autumn months by the state police will resumed in the city. In any case, I will continue to draw attention to this very important reality for our city, as I have done in recent years, by making use of the political chain of the League at local and national level.“.

Mayor waits until 2023

So for Lucidi, everything is resolved and there is no problem, while the mayor of Spoleto Andrea Sisti in recent days in a note had actually ‘thrown the towel in the ring’ at the moment, confident of a better situation in 2023.

The course activities of the Department of Superintendents Rolando Lanari certainly have a special value for our city – explained Mayor Andrea Sisti – because over the years they have become a point of reference at national level both for the internal staff of the State Police and for those who strive to take on this career path. The news about the activation of online courses in the coming months and the decision not to hold competitions at the Lanari Institute, which this venue could have hosted without problems, will not before the end of the year provide an opportunity to see the institute again populated with students. .

I do not deny that we consider that the decision is not very understandable, also with regard to the costs to be borne by the conduct of the competitions at the Fiera di Roma. – Mayor Sisti added – If it is true that online courses are part of a state that was already temporarily activated earlier and that the same 300 agents who swore on June 29 took part in their distance learning course, we can not share a choice that undoubtedly does not help at this stage. our town. It is clear that we will work to ensure that the courses of presence in Spoleto can be resumed between the end of 2022 and the beginning of next year. “

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