5 new lighting projects seen at Milan Design Week

Delfino Stisto Legnani and Piercerlo Quecchia – DSL Studio

It is the archetype, a symbol of life, now expressed more than ever in its most primitive substance of new lamp collections view at Milan design week 2022. Designers are now able to grasp its soul thanks to the technological research conducted by companies that are generating increasingly efficient LEDs. The result is a boundless creative potential, a generator of unusual shapes that releases light without suppressing it. Sculptural, almost artistic objects, so unique that in some cases they are produced in a limited edition. Releasing from fashion and timeless, they manage to combine artisanal references to innovative lighting techniquesthere will be a surprising bridge between two worlds.

Flos – Skynest

new lamps 2022

Luca Privitera

Marcel Wanders Studio interprets the classic forms of the domed suspended lamp for Flos, and poetically blends the tradition of craftsmanship and technology. The weave itself, a sock in recycled polyester with a thread of 24 rods, becomes the light source. The light is actually emitted not by a bulb or by an LED plate, but by the elements that form the structure of the lampshade, ie the fabric-covered LED stripes. Available in two variants – suspended and ceiling-mounted – and in four colors – anthracite, almond, brick and tormalin blue – Skynest is built in a simple and modular way, so it can be disassembled and reused correctly in all its parts.


Serviced Stand – Venus

new lamps 2022

Serena Eller Vainicher

Inspired by the sinuosity of the female body, Venus is a lamp clad in lycra. Serena Confalonieri he imagined it for Servomuto like a body wearing a suit, and which can be changed at will by choosing colors and shades, in a game of seduction. Ironically and decoratively, Venus consists of a centrally chrome-plated metal element that houses the light source and to which metal rod partitions are connected, covered with lycra liners with colors to choose from and mix. The palette ranges from soft shades of Body sand color and Cloud gray to pastel shades of Fish blue and Daydream purple, up to stronger shades such as Ethnic (orange) and Nairobi (burgundy). Thus, the collection – presented in the rooms of Alcova 2022 – becomes an invitation to freely express one’s creativity and style.


Ikea – Warm flash

new lamps 2022

Titia Hahne photography

Result of the collaboration between Sabine Marcelis and Ikea, the Varmblixt collection launched during the FuoriSalone days, is sensitive to light, which affects our mood, especially in the autumn and winter period. Warm flash ‘works’ with the emotional impact and personal well-being, both when it is on – with a warm and enveloping light – and when it is off – with a sculptural form that is able to characterize any environment -, creates sensory experiences and transforms the look and feel of the house. “We hope that Varmblixt can make people understand the effect of lighting that exploits emotions – says Henrik Most, creative director of IKEA of Sweden – with Sabine and her artistic vision for design, we are excited to propose a collection , which will add warmth and a touch of design to our home ”.


Cartel – Tea

new lamps 2022

Simona Pesarini

A series object with an almost artisanal touch. Tea table lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell, it went through a long pregnancy and industrialization due to the complexity of the project and the desire to make a product available to everyone. Made from recycled molded plastic, Tea is characterized by a texture designed by the material itself, which acts as a filter for the light source. Two ‘hands’ enclosing the light in their ‘palms’ and letting it escape the irregular textures that define it in a game of chiaroscuro. “An object that is closer to a small table sculpture than to a conventional lamp – says Laviani – and I hope it will bring joy to look at it, for all those who decide to have it as a ‘table companion'” .


Maison Matisse – Fold

new lamps 2022

Delfino Stisto Legnani and Piercerlo Quecchia – DSL Studio

Designed by the duo of Formafantasma for Maison Matisse, Fold is a collection of six limited edition lamps inspired by Henri Matisse’s Découpages, a technique that the artist has developed in a new chapter of his life. In balance between color and shape, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin work with paper, just like the French artist, but assemble the steel plate and complete seven steps to get to the finished product. The metal is initially laser cut and subsequently bent with machines used in heavy industry. Then sanded and cleaned to remove any imperfections before oiling, protecting and painting. A total of 12 layers to achieve the perfect shine. A typical technique for the automotive industry that makes it possible to achieve a color that is able to reflect light in a subtle way, with a deep effect and spectacular shine. Finally, the lamp is carefully assembled with the light source and the sheet of paper inserted by the skilled hands of the craftsmen.


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