What makes football a fun game?

For most wives and ‘not passionate ‘ football – there are only twenty-two idiots running after a ball – those who love this sport could spend hours and hours explaining the many reasons that make it the most loved and followed “fun” in the world.

Football, a passion that began as a child

Football is a game, but also a social phenomenon. When billions of people worry about a game, it stops being just a game“. quoted Simon Cooper, the sports writer born in Uganda and naturalized British. As a child, on the dusty pitches of the neighborhood, friendships are cultivated by kicking to a ball and dreaming of scoring the decisive goal in a stadium packed with millions of spectators, it also makes football a wonderful phenomenon. Football is the most popular sport in Italy and the most practiced since childhood, such as baseball and basketball in the United States. In it states the little ones dream of becoming Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryantin our country we fantasize about imitating Francis’ deeds Totti or Paolo Maldini – or more recently Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. The players are real examples to follow at times, in the hair, in the way of cheering for a goal or in the style of play. How many times have we also heard young players on the launch pad say that they are inspired by the masters of the past, the same mindset in children who dream of becoming professional football players.

Games + Pizza + Beer

Fans of football teams cancel all their obligations to participate in one of the many football matches in the Champions League or the national team. Sometimes it is also a simple opportunity to meet up with friends for dinner all at home or in a bar / restaurant that broadcasts the long awaited game. Rivalry between two teams in most cases provides the opportunity to strengthen the ties even between two people cheering on two clubs that are bitter enemies. All this too thanks to the teasing that unites groups with divergent opinions but united by a single passion: football. Scoring is the biggest sensation you can experience in a football match, both for the players on the green rectangle and for the cheering fans in the stands or in front of the TV. Just think of the triumph of the Italian national team (more past than present), the hugs and the leap of joy for a victory – but also the disappointments such as. a missed penalty kick in a fundamental match – see Roberto’s penalty kick. Baggio against Brazil in the World Cup final in Pasadena.

Football faith

Football has similarities with faith and a bit with the ancient Romans. Often the stadium is compared to a ‘temple’ and players are honored as gods. The famous football “faith” with thousands of fans filling bars, pubs to watch their favorite teams on TV or in streaming on Hesgoals or other channels that broadcast the events in real time. In 19th-century British factories, working hours were reduced for workers to have more time to play football. This proved to be a profitable strategy for owners to keep them away from alcohol habits and always keep them in top shape. Since then, football has become the largest contemporary show with prestigious trophies, football leagues in all countries globally, players – idols for generations and coaches.

Football is not just a sport for men

Football is not a sport for ladiessaid Guido Ara in 1909, more than 100 years ago. The words of the former midfielder from the Piedmontese school are now “out of fashion”, so does the current coach of the women’s national football team – Milena Bertolini. In short, the days when boys played football and girls with dolls are over. Many women practice this sport. Even in video games like FIFA, there are now also women’s football teams, to describe the phenomenon just think of the influx of supporters in 5-a-side football or female referees, the company has evolved and Ara’s phrase no longer has any value in modern football.


So is football gossip, with the players getting paid more and more, the ones changing jerseys and handing over to the rival club and the “flags” playing an entire career on the same team. Sometimes they are seen as gods Super heroes, but they also have weaknesses and have often had to sacrifice themselves to become football stars. Their careers, even if well paid, can be very short, and in the years when they practice this sport on a professional level, they have to train hard, follow certain diets, rules, etc. They too are always in the eye of the storm and the newspapers, for better or worse, their performance is immediately judged. In young promises, there is sometimes too much hypevery young talents can go from ‘this is the future Maradona’ to ‘this player is a trash can’, the experts’ judgment is often relentless.

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