the desire to learn is always young

Night school is often subject to prejudice. We go from the belief that facing students with difficulties, both personal and professional, requires a much more stressful commitment on the part of the teacher, to the fear of having to limit themselves to the transfer of elementary concepts that are not at all stimulating for a passionate teacher, up to the biggest concern: having apathetic students, completely uninterested in learning, unmotivated and only eager to obtain the diploma, the famous “piece of paper”.

This was not the case on Iis’ “M. Bellisario” by Inzago. The teaching, devoid of the mere thoughtful aspect, has been oriented towards the “Copernican revolution” required of the teacher in a school that is now too different from the past, where it is no longer are the students who revolve around the teacher, but the opposite. filled, but as subjects with unprecedented and infinite possibilities.

We have launched stimuli, which have often been welcomed, beyond all possible expectations. During the school year, many have made commitments, shown interest and desire to go beyond the pre-determined program.

In the newly formed wing, many lively eyes framed interesting questions and food for thought that were anything but trivial, in a continuous osmosis that enriched not only the students but also the teachers, making the school the privileged place of exchange and the cultural. , social and human encounter.

And then it was nice to meet Alain, thirty-eight, married and father of three children. Originally from Cameroon and former football promoter. After being forced to give up his dream due to a bad injury and after having many work experiences of being independent of the Italian families who had welcomed him, he started working as an educator in the community. Kayros with young people with difficult backgrounds. This year, to end an never-ending academic career, he decided to commit to giving everything in what he felt was his last chance.

About his “adventure” at Bellisario, he says: “It was not easy to reconcile all work commitments, family and school, but the desire to go all the way was the engine that made me hold on. I have always wanted to improve myself and be as complete as possible in the work I love “. For him the merit of having held together a class of younger and decidedly lively boys. As an older brother he was able to spur them on and make them reflect in the most complex moments.His greatest joy is that no one is left behind and that everyone has passed the final exams.

It was inspiring to teach Iole, sixty, wife and mother. For family financial needs, she had to enter the world of work from a very young age without having the opportunity to cultivate her need for knowledge. But it’s never too late!

Almost on tiptoe, she volunteered for the evening with the desire to fill a gap she felt she had. Who knows what it would have been like! In addition, she had to deal with boys the same age as her children! At first it was difficult for her. Containing all the information that was given to her by several subjects gave her headaches. She was not used to it at all. But stubbornness was his winning weapon. She was not discouraged, and one step at a time she learned to open her mind. “The evening school – he says – taught me to think differently, not to take too much for granted, to have a critical spirit”. He flooded us with questions, he led us to examine even current topics, which sometimes allowed us to create a beautiful “climate of educational anarchy” in the classroom. Now that she’s fully trained, all she has to do is complete her puzzle with the last piece: Open a bottle of Lambrusco, toast to the milestone reached, and dedicate this “success” to her father, who looks after her. from heaven and whoever he wished he could be close to her right now.

It was engaging to “accompany”, albeit with discretion, Cinthia at twenty-three, who was able to transform her anger into a life where she felt inadequate, into an opportunity for redemption. After landing on Bellisario with the knowledge that studies would help her achieve her goals, she began to believe more in herself from her first good grade in math. At the end of his career, he used really happy words to the teachers: “With their sensitivity, they made me feel welcome like never before, and this encouraged me to give my best. I learned a lot from them and I was able to apply the teaching I received in practice Relationships such as communication have positively changed the way I relate to others, especially in the professional field and today I can say that I am a more competent person in my work, more accessible to others and more aware of my abilities ”.

And what about the matriculation exam? It was the last opportunity for many who really committed themselves to show the skills they had acquired and the very strong desire to emerge.

So how can we forget Alessandro, who in a very elegant suit, almost like “a man from other times”, managed to overcome all his limits. With a refined calm, he excelled brilliantly between the aesthetics of D’Annunzio and the high values ​​of the Constitution. Or Matteo, the “writer” with a sensitive soul who “enchanted” the order with his work of critical confrontation between literature and rap, between French symbolism and street artists. Or Jasmine, the group’s passionate feminist, Francesco, Sara and Ilaria thoughtful and conscientious students and all others who, with their fears, nevertheless faced the challenge and allowed themselves to be guided by the teachers and involve their classmates. Definitely a nice group, a good synergy.

In the background an evening school for many, the result of sacrifices, dreams turned into reality, a longing for the beauty of knowledge, an opportunity to improve. A school that this time seems to have grasped and realized its most beautiful essence and a teaching staff that borrowed the words of a well-known author can only wish its former students to “cultivate the inner life, that is, the home to which one can always return to when you get lost, and which you can always leave when it is necessary to face new challenges with courage. ”Ad maiora.

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