Summer camps for children, Pd: “All municipalities arrange them, but Grosseto does not”

GROSSETO – “Summer camps: Grosseto Municipality without proposals and without answers”, he writes in a note Claudia Rampiconi of the Secretariat of the Pd Circolo center Grosseto.

“As every year – explains them – at the closure of state schools on June 10 (according to the calendar of the Tuscany region), parents of children and teenagers are looking for a solution to deal with the summer days and look for daily activities to performed by their children while they are busy at work. “

“After 2 years of pandemic, which has greatly and negatively affected everyone’s social life, especially by sacrificing children and young people who, even at school level, have gone through months of constant uncertainty with the use of hiccups in distance education, the little ones are just like young people have an extreme need to be with peers and spend their summer days in a way that manages to combine relaxation, learning and fun ”.

“It goes without saying that a three-month school break, in a society in deep change, and where a whole month’s holidays are a mirage for the vast majority of families, will be a very long time to manage. If we also think that even grandparents, when present in families, in some cases are still working, it all gets complicated.
And this is where a necessary and optimized offer comes into play, that from campuses and summer centers, which in recent years has been multiplied with a wide range of topics.

“In 2020 and 2021, in full Covid emergencies, families could avail of support by applying for INPS (babysitter / summer camp bonus); similarly, assistance was prepared in 2021, but with a reduced number of beneficiaries compared to 2020; for 2022 INPS summer camp bonus concerns only 3 thousand families of children with parents who are public employees and / or with special requirements and needs, with applications that expired in early July, and a payment that is in any case expected, as INPS will refund amounts used only subsequently during the summer weeks “.

“Where do the urban municipalities intervene in all this? The municipality can decide, and in many municipalities in the province of Grosseto, it happens to set aside specific resources and to make a contribution so that the cost of summer camps for families is reduced. Generally for a summer camp with a private organizer, with a frequency of 5 days a week and varying hours, we are talking about 100/130 euros per. week per. child”.

“In Capalbio Municipality, to cite a rather virtuous example, it was already possible in June via the institution’s website to apply for a grant to cover the cost of participation in summer camps for children, both for age groups 3-6 and for it 6-14 The reference ranking takes into account the working conditions of the family (only 1 worker / both working parents) and the ISEE indicator.The contribution is equal to 80.00 euros of the expenses incurred as a registration fee for the summer camps and the minimum allowable expenses, “which families pay to calculate the contribution is 120.00 euros per week for each child. The resources allocated by the municipality of Capalbio to cover this intervention are equal to 30 thousand euros”.
The question, which is available on the municipality’s website, clearly explains the purpose of the summer camp:

“Initiatives of this type, basically as support for families, are also present in the municipalities of Campagnatico, Castiglione della Pescaia, Civitella Paganico, Massa Marittima, Monterotondo Marittimo, Montieri and Roccastrada. Children and young people aged 3 to 14 can attend the summer camps. , while the duration of the activities varies according to municipality (source: -via -her-i-which-municipalities /) “.

“These municipalities are therefore taking the initiative to try to outline a campus offer, and we in Grosseto should not be an exception, but this is exactly where the donkey falls. Grosseto Municipality does not have a public offer or in collaboration with associations, third sector and private individuals to hold summer camps in the months of June to September for the age group 3-14 years. The only news that can be found on the municipality’s website per. June 29, 2022, is as follows: Summer services for children from 3 to 6 years – Grosseto Municipality. An offer for 3-6 years limited to children who already go to the “L’Aquilone” nursery in via Mozambique. For children aged 3 to 6 who go to kindergartens, the summer camp will be activated in the “L’Arcobaleno” center in via Hungary until the end of July ”.

“And for all the others? And for children aged 6 to 14? What offer for the pre-teen series? A family with children and teenagers aged 6-14 years, but also children aged 3-6 years who do not participating in these facilities, and who today would like to know the activities that Grosseto municipality has proposed, would not know how to orient themselves, simply because a structured offer, devised in time for a summer organization for families, in Grosseto, organized directly by the municipality, there is not “.

“While it is true that, on the one hand, there are no national guidelines for the 2022 summer camp bonus (while for 2020 and 2021, attendance bonuses are available at national level), on the other hand, the municipalities of Tuscany – also as seen above “Several municipalities in the province of Grosseto have been organized since April and May so as not to miss these important activities during the summer months in the city. In Orbetello, for example, the municipality is dependent on the church and various associations to organize campuses”.

“A municipal administration must also be close to the needs of the families. In particular, an administration such as the one in Grosseto, which speaks of the family as the focal point of society, which we believe is true and completely acceptable, should make the family one of the privileged interlocutors. So where are Grosseto Municipality’s grants for the summer camps? What topics have been consulted for cost sharing? “.

“Today is the 9th of July, a little late to intervene, but something can still be done. In Legislative Decree 73 / provides in Art. 39 fund corresponding to 58 million euros for the municipalities’ organization of the summer camps to be carried out in the period 1 June – 31 December 2022, also in collaboration with public and private bodies. Municipalities that do not intend to activate the summer camps must notify the Family Department at the e-mail address: within 30 days after the entry into force of the aforementioned legal decree, which per. on the department’s website https: //
At this point, we are curious to know the strategic choice of our municipality to be made before July 20th. Will they decide whether or not to join this fund? “.

“The private profession, for its part, today intervenes in a diversity of apartments and, by its very nature, guarantees considerable flexibility. Let us think of the different campuses organized by the sports clubs in Grosseto (though not all at the same level), by cooperatives and other realities that have been active for years in the field of education of children. The public entity should in any case be present with its support and monitoring of the offer, the administration should constantly engage in dialogue with individuals, associations and the third sector to implement heterogeneous responses for families, in addition to convenient slogans.

Today’s family, put to the test by an unprecedented diversity of socio-economic difficulties, provides for themselves by offering its plans for social and civil growth to its children; We are therefore very surprised by the silence of this administration on a subject that has been known almost always, today with the pandemic that has become crucial, and which we simply decide not to do anything about, and prefer to invest in “one -shot “entertainment. initiatives that are useful to the family have very little. “

“With the dear life that does not provide respite, the pandemic that does not leave us anyway, the social isolation, which for some has now become a permanent condition, it is imperative for the municipal administration to think of a summer program with efforts. “babysitting and the summer camp bonus were not included in the Single Check. But locally there are those who have equipped themselves to make a contribution to families for their children’s summer activities”.

“What are we planning to do in Grosseto? Should we talk about it again in 2023? It’s not just a matter of ‘breaking a summer’, it’s a matter of changing perspective, investing in children and young people, the very young people like this city and this administration offer nothing from an early age, ”Rampiconi concludes.

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