“News Content Design”: the perfect harmony of communication in the book by Francesca Ferrara

News content design. There are three words that make up the three sections of the work, but also a single hashtag: #newscontentdesign, which indicates the cross-cutting and more modern constructive approach to construction and announcement of projects, products and human-oriented services.

Thus, a new professional profile is outlined by the communicator: #newscontentdeisgner that measures the impact of news coverage on the conversation market. News content design is an approach that crosses different areas of communication: from news production for mobile content creation, from content marketing to brand journalism, from media relations to digital per.

To understand more, read the journalist’s book Francesca Ferrara “News Content Design: Brand Journalism and Digital PR for Communicators and Business” (Dario Flaccovio Editor), in which the author illustrates the basic professional skills and the best communication strategy according to personal goals with special attention to digital scenarios and languages ​​that technologies innovate frequently.

“Writing a book is not just a creative act, but it is designed by a container of intertwined themes currently and cultural tensions, narratives social And business, methods, practices and practices for the implementation of information and communication techniques and last but not least human and professional relationships “says the author, known online as @netnewsmaker, who emphasizes:” There are many personal, collective, cultural, territorial and entrepreneurial, which is an example of the pollution of knowledge and skills, but above all of activism for the local and global community. In designing these pages, I chose both large and small projects, which had a common focus on collectivity. In Naples, there are many small and medium-sized businesses that trade with corporate social responsibility and the creation of added value to be shared, disseminated and disseminated throughout the territory, including nationally. In news communication jargon it is brand activism which is often, especially for large companies, accompanied by brand journalistic activities to the point that the company is transformed into a real media company “.

«Francesca Ferrara in this text finally addresses communication from the right angle, the one that first and foremost requires the ability to design an overall process, which aims to devise, design and implement all the necessary content to achieve a given result. Know each one technique and to be able to use it in a harmonious unicum and aimed at a single goal, this is the soul of the work, and for this reason the author has a technical and operational approach that goes vertically down to all the techniques necessary for to create the perfect “brick”, that then they will go to form the “palace” of the communicative action »explains the journalist and the university professor Daniele Chieffi who has edited the preface. And he continues: “Francesca Ferrara explains well how important it is to know the different materials and cognitive dynamics that moves everything, to be able to plan the communication process – which calls design – in the most efficient way and to transform itself from communicators to process designers of the communicative action. Francesca Ferrara’s essay is finally the complete discussion of the cultural path that the communicator must follow. A precious text that was missing and that must be read, but above all studied ».

The work also contains contributions from journalists and communication professionals such as: Federico Badaloni, Assunta Corbo, Claudia Illuzzi, Cristina Maccarrone, Andrea Paternostro, Alberto Puliafito, Luca Rallo, Barbara Reverberi, Renato Scattarella, Jacopo Tondelli, Maria Grazia Villa, Silvia Zanella, Roberto Zarriello.

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