Italian design is an “enchantment”

Three deals in the new Turin auction house and gallery. From Gio Ponti to Mollino, from Buffa to Scarpa

The auction house and gallery Incanto was born in Turin with the aim of bringing collectors and art lovers together, promoting the cultural aspect and the design quality of objects and works. The auction house and gallery Incanto has its name from an anonymous sonnet from the sixteenth century found in an old manuscript starting with “Enchanting art reveals …“.

The founding members of Incanto come from different disciplines, but in connection with auction sales, they have all developed their skills in the auction house Della Rocca in Turin, one of the best known in Italy. To continue the business, ideally without interruption, Alessandra Fiorio, daughter of one of the founders, along with Matteo Torresan and Stefano Cavallotto, is formerly in charge of some of the most important Della Rocca departments.

The Incanto staff provides its assistance to private and religious institutions, collectors, sector experts and private passionate art and antique collectors and in the sale of their works and reaches out to all the most specific sectors of collection. The departments are varied: furniture, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, majolica, porcelain, silver, glass, design, jewelry, watches and cars.

The site of the operation and exhibition overlooks one of the most atmospheric spaces, born from the nineteenth-century expansion of the city of Turin, Maria Teresa Square, inside a historic nineteenth-century building that houses both offices and showrooms for auctions and galleries.

Here, in the three rounds on 11, 12 and 13 July, the history of 20th century decorative art and 20th and 21st century Italian design will be rediscovered. In the first round, they hesitated with glass from Murano and French, ceramics from Albisola, Richard-Ginori and SCI Laveno, San Polo, Galileo Chini, Giovanni Gariboldi, Fausto Melotti, Piero Fornasetti, Victor Cerrato, Alessio Tasca and some Lenci figures. as well as enamels by Studio Del Campo and Paolo De Poli in collaboration with Gio Ponti and a series of silver-plated metal objects by Lino Sabattini.Polychrome glazed ceramic bowl by Fausto Melotti from around 1955 (estimated 1,500-2 thousand euros).  Lent by Incanto Auction House and GalleryParticularly noteworthy is a rare polychrome glazed ceramic bowl by Fausto Melotti from around 1955 (estimated 1,500-2 thousand euros) and a Devil Mask designed by Gio Ponti and made by Paolo De Poli in enamelled copper around 1956 (1,000-1,500 euros). On July 12, the auction “Classic Design” dedicated to the production of furniture and lighting in Italy until the late 1960s, with designs by Carlo Mollino, Gio Ponti, Paolo Buffa, Franco Albini, Gianfranco Frattini, Ignazio Gardella, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Vittorio Introini, Gabriella Crespi, Willy Rizzo, Tommaso Barbi, Afra and Tobia Scarpa.

Of the latter, six “Africa” ​​chairs from the “Artona” series are offered, in solid walnut wood with ebonised wood inlay and seat in curved plywood upholstered in leather, produced by Maxalto around 1975 (8-12 thousand euros).

Finally, in the “New Design” session on July 13, furniture from Memphis, Studio Alchimia, UFO and individually by Andrea Branzi, Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini were hesitant, characterized by the overcoming of modernist functionalism and characterized by a strong innovative and innovative momentum.

The contributions of foreign designers and artists to Italian design are also of great importance, such as Shiro Kuramata for Memphis, Katzuide Takahama for Sirrah, Ron Arad for Cappellini. The “Kyoto” coffee table from Kuramata around 1983 to Memphis, made with stained glass flakes (Star Piece) set in a cement mixture, is a tribute to the old Venetian tradition of flooring on terraces and also the search for a new expressive effect (estimate 2-4 thousand Euro).

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