De Luca v Speranza: “He is an altar boy, the ministry does not exist.” And Letta: “You have my greatest confidence”

DinnerJuly 7, 2022 – at 13.23

The governor: “Between the ministry and reality is like the relationship between fortune teller and astrophysics.” Democrats’ secretary in Naples: “Roberto Speranza a fundamental point of reference”

from Felice Naddeo

For each current topic, Vincenzo De Luca finds an enemy. And attacks him. Hans is a strategy that has been consolidated over the years. A technique. When he was mayor of Salerno, he attacked the then president of the regional council, Antonio Bassolino. Then it was the successor’s turn, Stefano Caldoro. Today, he raised the bar as governor. He criticized the former prime minister Giuseppe Conte and so did current President Mario Draghi. In times of lockdown, the goal was General Son. Not forgetting the accusations against the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enric0 Letta, and the Ministry of Culture, led by Dario Franceschini. But in essence, De Luca is arguing alone. He needs the fight to burn hit. To attract attention (and perhaps divert it from other sectors). In recent weeks, Health Minister Roberto Speranza has been in the spotlight. In fact, the governor also filed an appeal to the TAR against the distribution of funds from the health care system.

The outcome

Not satisfied, today he is back in charge. With a coup staged on the occasion of his speech at the event “Health Laboratory 20 \ 30”. Perhaps also to avoid being forced to address the issue of expenditure ceilings for clinical trials, the difficulty of accessing free services and public structures that are completely inadequate to fulfill this role, De Luca then shot Speranza. “The Ministry of Health does not exist – he said – between the Ministry of Health and the concrete reality, which is the same relationship that exists between a fortune teller and astrophysicists. At the Regional Conference, Campania asked only one question: are we starting with the construction of hundreds of communal houses, but do we have the resources for staff? We are still talking about the plan for communal houses, but the Ministry of Economic Affairs said in a meeting with the Regions that it is not able to guarantee financial coverage for communal houses. But what are we talking about? But the altar boy (Speranza; red) goes on to tell us that we make community houses and territorial medicine, today it’s a big ball“.

Contracts and resources

Then he added: “The last evidence of non-existence of the ministry we had at the end of June, the expiration date of the time-limited contracts for the doctors and nurses in Usca, the only garrison left in the area. The Ministry of Health was on holiday, not even a word, and therefore we had to take on the matter as Region because if we had counted on the ministry, we would have wound up the only garrison. It is shocking, but we are in a country where concrete things, facts do not exist. On the staff, we are in dramatic conditions, including medical staff who are already infected and absent from the wards, vacation plan that we have to make, retirements that exist, the incredible increase in infections. But in Rome they travel in the clouds, they are totally unrelated to these concrete problems. Then there is the specific problem in Campania, which continues to be robbed of 220 million euros every year because the award criterion is criminal ‘.

Secretary them Letta: “Hope enjoys my trust”

Speranza “enjoys my total confidence.” This is how the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, responds to the journalists who, in Naples on the sidelines of the event commemorating the Gugliemo Epifani “Let’s look forward together” organized by the E-Laborazione Association, ask him for a comment on the attacks directed by the region’s president, Vincenzo De Luca, to the health minister. “We support a government that has had a fundamental point of reference in Roberto Speranza so far and that will continue to have a fundamental point of reference in Roberto Speranza,” Letta added, specifying that he had no contacts with either De Luca or with Speranza on the issue of the allocation of the National Health Insurance Fund.

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July 7, 2022 | 13:23


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