The values ​​of the West must also be defended with culture and beauty

The State of Culture, organized by Sole 24 Ore, offered recognition of the transversal dimension of culture as a structural component of the country’s economic, environmental, digital and social modernization. “Culture is not the superfluous, but a constitutive element of Italian identity,” President Mattarella said in his inaugural address. Today in Europe, in a scenario thrown back into the abyss of history, we should all open our eyes and remind ourselves that culture is a bourgeois commitment to renew and defend democracy, freedom and the common good, and on At the same time, help the weakest. You are not a citizen of a sovereign country without being aware of the responsibility to understand and participate, without a civic duty to be there and contribute to choices that may be fundamental to the future, without worrying about promoting society as a whole and not only that. the luckiest part of it.

Culture remains the key to improving and renewing the “normality” of our Western life with some basic elements disturbance: for example, the culture of the sustainable environment, energy savings (the other side of a country’s independence) and financial education, which are needed both in times of economic crisis and in times of recovery. And all with the aim of helping young people, and not only them, to find their way, not only professionally, after the punishment of the pandemic. It is therefore natural that the task of a large Italian bank like Intesa Sanpaolo is to support, nurture and stimulate the dissemination of culture in all possible ways. But with very clear fixed points on method and goals, starting with new models of cooperation between public and private to incorporate and overcome corporate social responsibility, and our simultaneous presence together with local bodies and cultural institutions, including public, companies. profit And no profit. With everyone, and of course based on the Ministry of Cultural Heritage (which is working to increasingly strengthen our country’s fields), we work together with passion and depth. The contribution of a large company like ours goes far beyond the provision of financial resources, but adds the operational, communication and participation resources to community life, which are increasingly crucial to the success of a project. The commitment to make the projects we work on more efficient and solid is therefore significant. Our contribution, in particular its continuity over time, enables the creation and maintenance of jobs, providing a concrete employment perspective in a sector that has recently regained all its strategic importance.

By favoring a cultural offer of proximity, the promotion of smaller cultural sites helps to reduce geographical inequalities and fragmentation, a feature of our cultural structure that undermines its effectiveness and ambitions. It is no coincidence that knowledge has the Latin expression in its etymology cum which means not only “through” but also “together”, emphasizing the spacious strength of the culture. We have developed tools that allow us to increase the financial solidity and organizational stability of our cultural enterprises, such as a credit rating that takes into account heterogeneity and active typical intangible assets in this sector and the allocation of part of our Solidarity and Development Fund to small, peripheral and youth cultural realities with difficulty accessing credit.

Minister Dario Franceschini is right in counting investment in culture among the country’s most important growth factors and in the hope of its irreversibility. This is our bank’s approach. I am sure that culture today has an even more important task than before: we must all make a great reflection on the values ​​in the West that are increasingly being questioned and that we ourselves sometimes consider obsolete because of of our inability to defend them. And that is why it is up to us today, more than in other historical phases, to be able to understand culture and beauty as fundamental resources for civil and social progress, and merge them with the energy of young people.

Head of Institutional Affairs and External Communications of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo


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