The student hotel will be a university campus

A design campus was born in Rome. From 2023, the Italian Academy will move its Roman headquarters to the area where the new Student Hotel San Lorenzo is under construction: 2500 square meters dedicated to training, sustainability and creativity

TSH Rom. Andrea Tota, Head of Property Development Italy Studenterhotellet, participated in the signing of the notary

Following the announcement of the new opening in the Ostiense della Rufa district, another training center – the Italian Academy – is finding a new location, this time in San Lorenzo. The reconstruction of the district, in the section adjacent to the Via Cesare de Lollis exit from La Sapienza University, had already begun with the opening of the first Soho house Novel, and now a new piece has been added. The student hotel, in fact, after opening a hotel in Bologna and Florence (another is already under construction in Florence), he arrives in the capital and does so with an ambitious project that includes a new architecture: the idea is actually to reclaim the area with itFormer customs di San Lorenzo, a very central area a few steps from the monumental Porta Maggiore. The plant is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

TSH Rom.  Andrea Tota, Head of Property Development Italy Studenterhotellet, participated in the signing of the notary
TSH Rom. Andrea Tota, Head of Property Development Italy Studenterhotellet, participated in the signing of the notary


The San Lorenzo office has spaces dedicated to co-working, a cafeteria, meeting rooms and others for sports activities in addition to the living spaces, for a total of 21,000 square meters of hybrid space. 10,000 square meters will instead be occupied by a public park and then led back to the city despite the usual small constructive reception of the local movements and committees. Next to the accommodation there will therefore be the teaching rooms at the Accademia Italiana, which will be organized in the former customs offices overlooking the main road. They will be open to local creativity, studio and independent spaces, as likely Umbrellas And Chromatic number. A place dedicated to experimentation and innovation with an international soul but with a local heart will be established in San Lorenzo “he actually explains Alessandro Colombo, Country Manager AD Education. The partnership between TSH and the Italian Academy will also continue by involving students specializing in the various academic disciplines in the manufacturing process: from photography (with projects that will follow the construction site, its transformation and development), to interior and product design (such as will support the school building project and TSH in the design of the city park) up to the students in Fashion Design and Jewelry (who together with the Academy’s professional teachers will help to design the workshops for them).

Render TSH, San Lorenzo, Rom
Render TSH, San Lorenzo, Rom


L ‘Italian Academy based in Florence and Rome, since 1984 it has been one of the most recognized university-level artistic educational institutions for fashion, design and photography. She is very attentive to market trends and to identifying the professional desires she seeks. The academy has for years worked to promote values ​​such as circular economy, diversity, inclusion and entrepreneurship. It therefore intends to use its competencies to take on a responsible role and promote transformation projects aimed at influencing the neighborhood with a real positive social impact. TSH, on the other hand, founded in Amsterdam in 2012, offers the availability of accommodation where you can stay a night, a week, a month or a year (actually not at very cheap prices and not really for needy students .. .). However, you can also stop for a few hours to work, meet with colleagues, have a cup of coffee, attend a recreational or training event. The environment is very suitable for young international students. It provides packages, thanks to which young people participating in the Erasmus program, university students or cosmopolitan teenagers can live out their training experience in the company of peers. In fact, TSH offers a room, a refrigerator section reserved for each long-term guest, a kitchen, study stations and rooms designed for recreational activities. More than 11,000 rooms can be rented in Europe, with 15 locations already open on the continent: two hotels in Amsterdam and Barcelona, ​​one in Berlin, The Hague, Delft, Vienna, Groningen, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Paris, Florence and Bologna. Three new locations were also opened in 2022, and 7 more are on the way in 2025.

-Giorgia Basili

Giorgia Basili

Giorgia Basili (Rome, 1992) graduated in Sciences of Cultural Heritage with a dissertation on Satire of Painting by Salvator Rosa, which unfolds on a threefold interest: literary, artistic and iconological. She specialized in art history at Sapienza with a thesis on art criticism at Pier Paolo Pasolini’s cinema, read through Pathoformel’s Warburg lens. He collaborates with various sector magazines and prefers themes such as urban art and theater, culture and contemporary art in its many facets and media operations. Fascinated by the grafting of the visual with literature, theater and mythology, she dedicates herself to writing poems to express her sensitivity and her aesthetically-critical thinking about what surrounds her.

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