The electric Alfa Romeo Giulia will be built and will have record autonomy, it is reported

Presented in 2015 to celebrate the brand’s 105th anniversary,Alfa Romeo Giulia had to becar of the relaunch of the Alfa Romeo with the brand striving to become a reference in the premium quad bike market. However, it went differently. In fact, in recent years, Giulia has registered sales well below expectations, also due to a selection that has received very few updates. In the future of Alfa Romeo, however, there will still be room for the sedan. The Italian house is working on one new generation of Alfa Romeo Giulia What will be 100% electric and will be able to count on a very high autonomy and of course on the performance of a real sports car (even with zero emissions).

Alfa Romeo Giulia Elettrica: a zero-emission future for the Italian sedan that will continue to be the brand’s symbol

The future of Alfa Romeo Giulia, as well as of Alfa Romeo, is being defined. The Italian company is working on the new generation of its sedan, which has already been confirmed (for now only in words) by Jean-Philippe Imparato, the French manager to whom Stellantis has entrusted the task of relaunching the Alfa Romeo brand. The new Giulia is being made and it will only be a matter of time before the model currently on the market will pass the baton on to the new generation.

The new model will rest on the new anchor STLA Large platform of Stellantis. The group, born from the merger between FCA and PSA, is working on a new range of platforms for the models of the future. Large (development of the Giorgio della Giulia platform) will fully support electric cars and will cover segment D and segment E of the market. Basically, it will be the starting point for the new generation of Alfa Romeo Giulia.

There are few fixed points on the new Giulia project. Alfa Romeo should abandon endothermic engines within a few years. Following the recent debut of the Alfa Romeo Tonale and the already confirmed launch of the B-SUV (expected in 2024), all new Alfa cars will be zero-emission. Therefore, Giulia will also be electric. The sedan’s new life will be zero emissions, with all due respect to the fans.

Furthermore, thanks to the large platform, Giulia should present record autonomy when it arrives up to 800 kilometers drive, a value which is currently very difficult to achieve for a series of electric cars. The first information about the project predicts the presence of two variants, one with one 101 kWh and a “long range” from 118 kWh. Most likely, the Giulia will be on the market “twin engine” version although a base model may have a single electric motor.

The debut of the new Giulia Elettrica is not close. That should be the new model coming on the market in 2027when the large platform is ready for series production.

Also Quadrifoglio and (maybe) GTA

The switch to electric does not mean a goodbye to sporting ambitions. The new electric Alfa Romeo Giulia will also be beautiful to drive and offer high performance. As previously predicted by the CEO of the Imparato brand, the Italian house has been working in recent months to define the characteristics of the new generation of sports models, adapting to the market trend, they will have to switch to zero-emission mobility.

The new generation Giulia should therefore also come in Quadrifoglio version, takes up the baton in the sports sedan, which in recent years has collected records, such as the fastest lap at the Nurburgring, and awards worldwide. It will be necessary to wait a few more years to understand how Giulia Quadrifoglio will go from petrol engines to electric motors without losing its distinctive features.

Moreover, the creation of one in the future is not excluded Giulia GTA, heir to the limited edition model presented in 2020 by the Italian house and produced in 500 units. Again, wait for the development to complete to find out more about the project.

Alfa Romeo: the models to come in the coming years

Before we close, let’s summarize how the composition of the Alfa Romeo series should be for the next few years. The brand will focus on the electrical. After TonalC-SUV available in a few weeks, a new one is coming B-SUV which are made in petrol and electric versions. Subsequently, all Alfa Romeo will be electric. There will be new generations of Giulia and Stelvio, both on a large basis and both electrically. The launch of a E-segment SUV (therefore larger than Stelvio), which comes in 2027.

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