San Giorgio la Molara focuses on art and culture to promote the area

The idea of ​​the administration led by Mayor Nicola De Vizio: “It will be a driving force for promotion”


The inauguration of a new exhibition space is an opportunity to think about a range of initiatives that will soon become a real cultural driving force for San Giorgio la Molara and for the interiors of Fortore.

The idea was born out of the desire of the municipal administration led by Mayor Nicola De Vizio to start a process of cultural revaluation for the center of Fortore. He did this by first appointing the artistic director of the Municipality, Giuseppe Leone, art critic and former teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Last night, a new multifunctional exhibition space was inaugurated in the former Dominican convent. A center for art, culture and exhibitions. Mayor Nicola De Vizio welcomed the guests and the many citizens present. In addition to Professor Leone, the Director of Recovery will be present Domenico Codutothe president of the Comunità Montana del Fortore Leonardo Sacchetti and the artistic director of the Arcos Museum, Ferdinand Crete who spoke at length about culture as the development of the territory, about the commitment needed to overcome the growing shortage of funds for both art and culture.

“Our small center has decided to invest in arts and culture as a driving force for territorial promotion” remarked Mayor De Vizio, who then introduced to his fellow citizens the teacher Giuseppe Leone, who laid out the programmatic lines which, through the opening of these new spaces, intend to give back to the Samnite community a new cultural garrison.
“The main purpose of our cultural action – Leone explained – will be to focus the intention on improving the place, pay attention to the lesson and warning of Umberto Eco, who a little over thirty years ago highlighted how often a museum can kill information with an abundance of information. Each time, therefore, we will focus initiatives on a work, on a theme, on an artist, on an ingenious place that you ideally reach or return to your path. There are many containers, which unfortunately are empty. This time, here in San Giorgio La Molara, the mayor had a great intuition to put the contents of the containers. Culture is the driving force in the economy, ”Professor Leone noted.
San Giorgio La Molara therefore aims to create, within the new cultural center, a real environment of generative learning, aimed at promoting the construction of knowledge rather than mere reproduction, through synergies, cultural exchanges, convergences, arguments, perceptual paths . cognitive-emotional, “placed” reflective practices rather than decontextualized and decontextualized.

In this sense, the cultural marketing strategy, which aims at the inclusion of content and the involvement of key actors and institutional issues active in the area, is ready, thanks to the arts, to establish a long-standing “San Giorgio brand” that is in able to represent and innovate the Samnite cultural tradition, create new initiatives carried out through open and pragmatic knowledge projects.

In his passionate speech, instructor Creta then focused his attention on the intuition of the administration: “History teaches us that territories like these can express great cultural potential. San Giorgio la Molara is the country where the great artist Nicola Ciletti was born. Artists who were friends of Ciletti arrived here, it was the home of culture. Tonight, San Giorgio comes up with a strong, important statement: that he does not want to give up culture and improve art, the artistic aspects. Art is beauty and through it it is possible to live well ».

Ferdinando Creta then used words of appreciation to Professor Leone, who was appointed by the administration to promote the arts and culture of San Giorgio la Molara. Together, they then launched an idea, probably the first major event organized in San Giorgio la Molara: “Arrange exhibitions and events to mark the 140th anniversary of Ciletti’s birth.”

The small industry president of Confindustria Benevento was present in San Giorgio la Molara, Claudio Monteforte and the new chairman of the tourism and leisure section, Teresa Romano: “The administration of San Giorgio la Molara has put a big challenge in place. A commitment that can certainly be a driving force for the economy of this beautiful country ‘.

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