“Respect Scarf” sewn by the prisoners, Maison Daphnè and Zonta together against gender violence

Sanremo. An important project against gender-based violence. “Respect Scarf” designed in collaboration with Patrizia Sciolla, Chairman Zonta Club Ventimiglia-Bordighera, Maria Cristina Marrè director of the Sanremo prison, e.g. Barbara Borsotto of Daphnè House by Sanremo, always aware of the reality women experience, this time based on the root of the problem; get to know the perpetrators with the aim of getting them to reflect on their mistakes and on the central theme of “respect”.

“Very often, unfortunately, people inside it lose touch with real life – reads a press release – which is developing rapidly outside. We often talk about how important it would be to rethink the penitentiary life, a place where one can be “retrained” not with “training”, but with an introspection journey on one’s life path. To this end, we have thought of a project that does not aim to replace a rehabilitation program, but rather the purpose of stimulating the inmates to have future goals, with the opportunity to commit to full reintegration into society. Through the creative expression of drawing and writing about themes such as sustainability, rebirth, awareness of the future, freedom and love, they were able to engage, and the drawings made were translated by Daphnè Sanremo into a scarf that has become the symbol of the project, not a simple accessory, but a product that is the result of an important path to “social responsibility”, also through the challenge of manual sewing, often considered purely feminine. A very important goal because it allowed them to “better” the wounds they caused in their past, managed by the legal pedagogical staff of the Sanremo prison, Rosa Gatto, and by Dr. Sciolla. The teaching of inhibition, a crucial step in the production of the scarf, was closely followed by Barbara and Monica Borsotto, designers and directors of Maison Sanremo, an ethical and responsible family business which, in addition to maintaining a traditional craft, offers job opportunities to communicate the values ​​of excellent craftsmanship. The technique called “row / ottage” consists of skillful movements; the silk is rolled up under the fingers and takes the abundance of fabric from the frame of the scarf to obtain a thin roll that should be homogeneous and slightly raised. It is actually important that the invisible stitches are strong but do not damage the silk fabric and that the corners do not have bumps. The 50 × 50 cm GOTS organic silk squares will be sold to promote the pilot project and give the seamstresses a chance to receive a microcredit ».

riviera24 - The Respect scarf

Patrizia Sciolla, as a psychotherapist expert in gender violence, she left a constant reflection to continue during the practice of sewing.the choice of cherries as the subject of the scarf was decided precisely because, in addition to the environmental aspect, it contains an opinion on how we should be as a couple, because sex crime almost always takes place in the home. With this metaphor, we want to lead people to invest in their own personality, just as if we create our own cake that the partner can be the icing on the cake that will enhance something that is already good in itself. If we learned to see the relationship as a couple in this way, it is clear that we would always choose good cherries and get used to preserving our individuality. A special thank you goes to Design072, which from food to luxury brings many years of experience in “graphic design” into play and has devised and sponsored the project’s coordinated image, with a focus on sustainability, using paper ecological sourced from waste from the agro-industrial production of cherry. It is a source of pride to have completed this pilot project that creates 50 Foulards that will be sold during the gala dinner held in honor of the project on Friday, July 8 at. 20.30 in the restaurant “La Baia Beniamin”.“.

riviera24 - The Respect scarf

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